Breaking the Ice

Here are some of the glacial photos that we took on our Alaskan cruise last week. The glaciers were beautiful, and almost looked like waterfalls and rivers from a distance. I wasn't prepared for how blue they would be either, but apparently glacial ice appears blue because it absorbs all colors of the visible light spectrum except blue, which it transmits, giving its blue appearance. Glacier ice may also appear white like snow because some ice is highly fractured with air pockets and disrupts the spectrum within.

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau

This glacier retreats 200 feet a year :(

Glacier Bay, Inside Passage

The Meade Glacier, Skagway

The Meade glacier is one of the largest inland glaciers in this part of Alaska. Known as the "river of ice," it stretches some 25 miles from Juneau to Skagway.

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  1. I think you see evidence of the global warming. They say that polar bears are in a serious situation because of retreating glaciers. In particular, the northern hemisphere comes under the influence of the global warming. -- Koichi

  2. Love love the photos!

  3. That looks like something out of a movie!

  4. Great pictures!!!!!!!!! Do you have any more? I'm so jealous.

  5. It's gorgeous. All of it is just GORGEOUS!!!

  6. I love how your pink jacket so perfectly matches your blog template! ;-)

  7. haha now if only that was planned Chandira. :)


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