June 7, 2007

Say it like the British

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mrs. Mogul's post, The British Are Coming And Soon You'll Be Saying "Smashing" got me thinking of other British words I like. After living in the east end of London for six months back in 2002 (that long ago?) I picked up the following British terms and slang:

Wonky – Just sounds funny.

Brilliant – A more special way to say awesome.

Dodgy - My flatmate introduced me to our broken stove by saying it was dodgy.

Unlucky - When anyone would miss a shot in volleyball, they would politely go “oh, unlucky” instead of cursing or saying “my bad.”

Rubbish – The fancy way of saying garbage or disagreeing with someone.

Smart – I know this is a common word, but they would use it to describe how people were dressed and I thought that was smart.

It’s all gone Pete Tong – mean it’s all gone down the crapper.

Speaking of the Brits, I just ordered my 2nd shipment of white tea from the English Tea Store online. Good stuff.

Article: Top 15 USB geek gadets, ok I must be a geek because I want several of these!

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