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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I saw SNL actor Kevin Nealon (has been) perform standup at The Comedy & Magic Club (crack house). Kevin's famous skit is his subliminal message guy where he says one thing but then says the opposite under his breath, IE my little parenthesis homage. Anyway, he was really funny and the club was small and fun, and yes, there was magic too. The show also included stand-up from other comics as warm up, Kathleen Madigan was particularly good. 

Also, went to a Dodgers vs. Blue Jays game, but my real reason to go to a non-Yankees game was to see the Hollywood Stars softball game beforehand, which included James Van Der Beek (Dawson), the cop in Heroes and former Alias star Greg Grunberg, Heroes' Nathan Petreli-- Adrian Pasdar, Michael Clarke Duncan (Green Mile) and James Denton (the plumber in Desperate Housewives and the bad guy in Pretender). They all played surprisingly well and were taking it pretty seriously even arguing with the ump. I'm sure there were more stars involved, but I got there late and only caught the last inning.

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