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CBD Guide for Moms - Hemp Beauty and Wellness Products

CBD Oil drops for a better night's sleep

I don't know about you, but it seems CBD or hemp extract is everywhere lately. From health food stores to corner markets. Personally, I wasn't sure of what to make of it, but I did my research and have since experienced the overall health benefits. I'm now totally onboard.

CBD Won’t Get You High

CBD does not cause the feeling of being ‘high’ that is often associated with cannabis and does not have any psychoactive side effects. That high is caused by THC, which is in marijuana only. I, of course, would never suggest THC cannabis for parents or guardians.

However, because CBD alone will not make you feel intoxicated, it is a great option for parents or anyone else who do not want to compromise their mental clarity while looking for a natural remedy to pain, anxiety and depression.

CBD for Health and Self-care

50 million people a year are prescribed Xanax, but CBD is a more natural alternative to deal with stress, anxiety, and many other ailments and without the unpleasant or dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs or opioids. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and anticonvulsant properties that down-regulate stress signals in your body. This includes anxiety, inflammation, and of course, pain.

A growing number of people are also using CBD products to assist in recovering from depression.  In some instances, CBD may offer non-toxic, virtually side-effect free, natural benefits for individuals who want to avoid or reduce the number of pills they are taking.

Like my love for Coconut Oil and other natural remedies, I believe there are CBD products out there that can make life better for the whole family and your improve your wellness routine.

CBD Guide for Moms - for better sleep, wellness, beauty, selfcare, sex, pain relief products and more

CBD Hemp Beauty and Wellness Products for Moms 

For Your Morning Coffee or Tea

Fast-acting, water-friendly Azuca CBD Low-Dose Simple Syrup ($10.95) combines revolutionary science, plant-powered wellness & culinary inspiration to hemp CBD infused products. A teaspoon of their Simple Syrup in your coffee in the morning will start your day off great.

I've been stirring in this cane sugar solution into my cup of tea each day instead of honey. Patent pending Azuca Technology helps your body absorb CBD faster, by transforming them into a water-friendly new form, which skips the lengthy trip through your liver to take effect in a groundbreaking 2 to 15 minutes. And unlike oil it won't sit on top of your cuppa, but will mix easily. Also great for cocktails.

For Better Sex

FORIA Awaken ($48) is touted as a natural arousal lube with CBD & Kava designed to be used topically on your lady part area for sensual enhancement, deeper orgasm, increased desire, improved lubrication, heightened awareness and full body relaxation. Um, sign me up!

It's the first intimate massage oil for women formulated with broad-spectrum CBD, and a blend of natural botanical essences and aromatic oils.  This multi-aphrodisiac formula enhances tactile sensation and pleasure while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness. All-natural and organic, it is made of 8 plant-based aphrodisiacs, broad-spectrum CBD, organic coconut oil....and nothing else. It has a rich chocolate and mint aroma and independently lab tested for purity THC-free.

I liked how it doesn't feel greasy like typical lubes and it's great knowing it's natural. It also smells really nice and was fun to use with my partner, definitely spiced things up. It's lickable, vegan and gluten-free too. TIP: Spray at least 3 to 4 times per encounter.

"With Awaken, everything felt incredible...I felt each sensation and touch was intensified, and I was more relaxed than I have been in a long time...Wow! 10/10." -- Broadly.

For Easing Menstrual Cramps

CBD can be most effective when cramping starts, or even before that, to help prevent runaway inflammation and pain. With FORIA Basics Suppositories in 100% Organic Cocoa Butter ($72) experience the soothing, tension-melting effects of pristine broad-spectrum CBD. Each suppository delivers 100mg directly to the area that needs it most. Basics Suppositories are formulated for relief during your period, or for local muscular relaxation and inflammation relief. Free of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides, no additives, preservatives or THC.

TIP: Store in the fridge for even greater relief.

For Glowing Skin

How cute is this bottle and their logo? Revitalize and Repair Daily CBD Facial Serum Gold Edition oil ($95) is not for oral consumption, but for your face to revitalize and repair skin. Lather on this fast absorbing, vitamin-packed CBD oil for a healthy glow. Enriched with full spectrum 350MG CBD hemp oil, essential vitamins, powerful nutrients, and potent antioxidants to moisturize skin, fight acne and redness. Other natural ingredients include MCT Coconut Oil, Apricot Oil, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Seed Oil and Lavender Essential Oil.

For Aches and Pains

If you workout, are a runner, have minor arthritis or just the aches and pains of age, apply Life Elements Ache & Pain Relief CBD & Honey Stick ($20-$68) with the added superpower of full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD grown organically in the U.S. Available in 200-500mg dosages.

Apply directly to loosen all those knots from your neck, back, rotator cuff, tennis elbow, tendonitis, calves and anything else that aches. Like with BENGAY or Tiger Balm, you’ll feel a slight warming and cooling sensation to help relieve achy muscles and inflamed joints while treating your skin with their Pure Bee Goodness™ blend of beeswax, honey, propolis, royal jelly and pollen. Also available in non-CBD (but I recommend CBD!) Cruelty-Free, NO Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Preservatives,
Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrances or Dyes!

For Daily Wellness and a Goodnight's Sleep

You can't go wrong with a CBD Oil, BUT don't settle for just any kind.

RevitaOil Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD Oil is the product that made me a fan of CBD in the first place.

My friend who suffers from anxiety told me that she started putting two drops of CBD oil under her tongue at night and was sleeping so much better and feeling calm overall. I was skeptical, but after a few months of hearing even her husband say he noticed the difference in her, I thought what do I have to lose? Nothing.

I purchased their smaller bottle to try it out and experienced the same relief. I was sleeping faster and waking up refreshed. I've since tried other inexpensive oils found at a local smoke shop, but have returned to Revitaoil, it tastes better and I believe in the integrity of its premium ingredients. It is 100% natural and zero high.

Highline Wellness has premium CBD drops ($69.99) 500mg available too that I liked and would highly recommend. It has a nice mint flavor too and sleek packaging. It's also reasonably priced for the quality provided. 

Or try the female-founded Rosebud CBD's high-quality 700mg hemp oil ($95) Rosebud doesn't have any additives or flavorings, so this oil has a hemp taste that while pleasant, it's not minty fresh like Highline or RevitaOil. The dosage is also stronger. 
Rosebud CBD Oil

FYI I did NOT care for +Plus CBD oil, which was cloudy and didn't produce any results for me. 

For a Pampering Facial 

Topical CBD offers natural anti-inflammatory properties which assist in plumping up the skin as well as suppress breakouts by regulating oil production and to treat skin disorders like dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Home treatment Mantra Masks ($15) are ALL-natural and made with the finest ingredients - peptides and all the good stuff that hydrates, plumps, and firms. They have five different masks to chose from that focus on specific tasks like after sun care, blemish, anti-aging, repair, and collagen. 

For on the Go Relief

Highline Wellness CBD Hemp Chews ($34.99) are not only colorful and tasty but pack a healing punch with each bite.

These small-batch premium Chews are the perfect way to get all natural CBD throughout the day, for on-the-go relief and travel. Take 1-2 gummies as needed. Takes up to 30 minutes to activate. Each gummy contains 10mg of full spectrum CBD.

I found the effect pretty instant. I felt relaxed but still productive and not sleepy, so it's perfect for the day time. I also ate two before getting my permanent makeup applied, and it really helped me calm down about the procedure. Bonus, they taste good and has no after taste.

For Athletes & Recovery 

HERBSTRONG offers a popular oral aid for athletes and fitness enthusiasts that is great for pre and post-workout recovery.

Their full Spectrum Hemp Oil Recovery Drops ($65) are Extra Strong for overall body relief, recovery, and relaxation. Take a daily dose twice per day to promote relief and recovery throughout your entire body. Designed with strength and effectiveness in mind Simple, organic, and vegan ingredients.

For Pets

Yes, pets can benefit from CBD too, especially older pets or those with anxiety. Fish or meat flavored hemp oil can simply be added to their wet food to provide join relief.

Our vet prescribed Prozac for my senior cat who was overly grooming due to anxiety, but I couldn't get behind giving pills to her. I've since tried CBD oil and she seems to be much better off, naturally.

The HERBSTRONG collection includes Strong Paws Full Spectrum Recovery Drops ($30) formulated specifically to help treat most discomfort and pains for your furry friend.


For Perfume and Pain

Another 100% Plant-Powered, nonaddictive Pain Relief topical solution is Elixicure's Lavender Pain Relief Roll-On ($30) essential oil. With 100mg of CBD, temporarily relieves minor aches and pains associated with Sore Muscles and Joints, Strains, Bruises, Sprains, Aches, and Arthritis. 

It's small enough to fit in your purse or keep on your desk and available in a pleasant lavender scent instead of the typical menthols. 

For Sustainable Clothing 

prAna Cozy Up Pant is made from a hemp/recycled polyester fleece blend. It’s super soft and did you know that hemp is a sustainable crop that can be used to create soft, vibrant clothing? It has a short life cycle and is anti-microbial too. 

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CBD Guide for Moms - wellness, beauty, selfcare and pain relief products
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Normcore in 2019: Is It Still a Trend?

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
Normcore is a style of dressing that involves the deliberate choice of unremarkable or unfashionable casual clothes.
For those who hate normcore’s hold on the fashion world and beyond, bad news: it’s here to stay. As consumers try to move away from the fast-fashion market, they’re looking for more sustainable wardrobe pieces that will last season after season. While many fashion lovers won’t be sticking to this trend, you’ll likely still see it around. But what is normcore, and how will it be followed in 2019?

Normcore is a combination of the words “normal” and “hardcore.” The term has mostly been credited to K-Hole, a trend agency who used the word to refer to someone who adapts to each setting they’re in, so that they appear “normal,” or like they belong. So, someone is acting in a normcore manner if they dress in a sports jersey for a football game and then throw on a ‘50s-style dress for a garden party. But this version of the term never really caught on. It instead started to refer to someone who dresses “basic.”

For those who are new to normcore, the trend is all about being casual and comfortable. Fundamentally, normcore is not really fashion-forward or much of a trend: it’s basically an anti-fashion statement. It draws inspiration from the looks of “everyday” people, the styles of the ‘90s (more Seinfeld than Kate Moss), and even certain groups of people like poker players. For example, their fashion statements typically include tracksuits, jeans, polos, sneakers, hoodies, sports jerseys, and baseball caps.

Over the years, normcore has evolved, producing other trends such as athleisure and menocore. Some fashionistas are even mixing the normcore trend with high fashion items or the latest seasonal trend for a new twist. But will these interpretations continue into 2019?

 Photo by Myriam / CC0

Normcore in 2019 - How to get this look:

So far, sneakers, athletic clothing, and jeans are the most popular elements of normcore this year. But polos and rugby shirts — staples of normcore — are expected to come back in a huge way in 2019, so you’ll be right on trend. To show off this style in the normcore way, pick up a polo or rugby shirt in a larger size and pair it with some boyfriend jeans or track pants (for a hint of athleisure). Menswear-inspired looks are also still trending this year. To take on this trend in a normcore fashion, try out some fitted (but not skinny) jeans with an oversized blazer, or some slacks and a sweater.

Mixing High and Low

Although no longer strictly normcore, the latest trend in the fashion world is to mix elements of normcore and high fashion. To get a hold on this style, think of mixing comfortable elements with more “uncomfortable” elements of your wardrobe. For example, you might wear loose-fitted Levi’s with a sweatshirt, a statement heel, and a handbag in the style of the season’s current It bag. Or, maybe you’ll opt for a structured blazer, boyfriend jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers.

How to Pull Off Normcore

"Normcore is an especially tricky style to master because it's so, well, bland."

Normcore doesn’t have to be unflattering. You don’t have to wear baggy or bulky clothes. Choose items, cuts, and fabrics that are flattering to your body shape. If you hate mom jeans, opt for bootcut jeans in a different material or wash. Think the dad-sneaker trend is ugly? Skip it in favor of a style that’s more flattering, like an all-white style from Adidas. But the most important takeaway from the normcore trend is to wear what’s comfortable for you.

More Spring 2019 Trends

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends according to the Nordstrom Naples team will be:

  • Sassy and Classy 
  • Glam Casual (a dressed up Normcore)
  • Belt bags & Crossbody 
  • Something Navy 
  • Pastels 
  • Tie-Dye
  • Leopard Prints 

Normcore in 2019: Is It Still a Trend? How to Get This Look

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Top Travel Tips for Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos

Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos French Village Pool, just one of 10 Pools with 4 swim-up bars!

My family and I have vacationed three times at the all-inclusive, luxury included Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos, where kids and grownups alike can have a wonderful trip set on 12 miles of the world's best beach. With endless land and water sports, Global Gourmet dining, luxurious rooms and suites, and exciting family-friendly activities including Sesame Street® stage shows, the Caribbean's most thrilling waterpark, and fantastic beach parties.

Don't just take my word for it, Beaches Turks & Caicos has been voted Top 25 Hotels for Families in the World by tripadvisor® year after year.

Honestly, the resort makes traveling internationally like a day at the beach! How? Everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive with free transfers to the resort (about a 20 minute ride away) with the option of car seats.  Tips for Traveling to Beaches Turks & Caicos with Infants & Toddlers

Better yet, all the food, top-shelf liquor, bubbly and Mondavi wines (the “Cab,” is better than the Merlot!), water sports, gratuity and even childcare (Camp Sesame) for all ages even infants is included with the price of your vacation.

With 21 restaurants and 15 bars, we still haven’t tried all their dining options and we’ve been three times! You definitely won’t get bored here even if you come back again and again like us!

Read on for our must do and see tips for a great family vacation.

Top Tips For Beaches Turks & Caicos

Make a Reservation at Kimonos

Kimonos Hibachi Restaurant is the only dining option that requires a reservation and it's also one of our favorite dinners out. We recommend booking ahead of time or as soon as you arrive. In fact, go twice if you can.

My boys' first hibachi experience at Kimonos Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos

Get familiar with the 21 different food options, times and requirements

And although the rest is first come first served, some restaurants like Le Petit Chateau are adult only or have other age minimums and dress codes, so do find what is best for your family. Also, some restaurants are closed on certain nights. If you can, do try and have a parents night out one evening. We brought our boys to dinner first to make sure they ate and then dropped them off at the kids camp while we ate at the rooftop Sky Lounge restaurant with another couple. 

Best Dining for Little Kids -  Mario's Italian Restaurant has a kids section with smaller tables next to the adult tables. Always a favorite of my boys and so is Bobby Dee's inside the Pirate Ship for classic diner food.

Don't worry, you'll be provided a dining guide when you arrive so be sure and keep it handy and not lose it. We referred to it often. 

Visit the Mac and Cheese Truck & Ice Cream Truck

Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos Mr. Mac and Cheese Food Truck
The new Mr. Mac Mac and Cheese Food Truck

This is a new feature and one we took advantage of. Near the Water Park, you can order Frozen Yogurt or Shakes from the Curls & Swirls truck. Or head to Mr. Mac a Mac and Cheese truck, which has different combinations from Cheeseburger Mac, Taco Mac, Chicken Parm Mac and more. We may or may not have tried all of them eventually ;)

Grab a latte and pastries at Café de Paris 

While you can order a coffee at all the restaurants at the resort, you can pick up iced coffees and more at this Parisian-inspired coffee house in the French Village. It’s also open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. so perfect for a morning charge, afternoon pick-me-up or an after-dinner treat. We also stopped by for some warm cookies and desserts one afternoon.

If you’re a tea fan though, you might want to pack your own tea as the options are basic. Our room came with an electric kettle, which was such a great feature and luckily I had a few whole leaf green tea bags packed, so had a nice cuppa out on our porch each afternoon.

Book a Sesame Street Character Breakfast 

Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos Sesame Street Character Breakfast

Enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast with Elmo and all his friends in a family-friendly dining environment. This is great for photos with the kiddos and gives them the chance to get up-close with all the characters in one place. They get a little plush puppet too. Plus, my boys enjoyed dancing and doing the conga line with the characters at the end. As a parent, it was definitely a fun moment shared with my boys. I thought it was going to be expensive, but is just $12 per adult and $16 per child (under 2 are free though).

Take Advantage of the Free Tennis Lessons

Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos Free Tennis Lessons for Kids

My husband loves tennis, so he took advantage of the free group lessons available on certain mornings. One day he was the only one to show up, so he pretty much had a private hour session. There are Kids Tennis days too, which we had our boys attend. No need to pack a racket either, they were provided. You can also play on your own if the courts are open. You can find courts near the French Village and one in Key West.

Ride the Choo choo train  

Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon and again from 2-5 p.m., a motorized train runs every 30 minutes from village to village much to the delight of kids. Despite being such a fun feature, it’s not publicized much. It’s sort of like a secret unless it happens to cross your path during the weekday. Our boys loved it and we snapped some happy photos while riding on it together. It's not available on the weekend, so go while you can.

Build A Bear 

Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos Build a Bear Workshop

This is a fun hidden gem. Inside the candy and gift shop, there is a mini Build-a-Bear experience. Our kids were able to stuff two stuffed animal sharks, pick out outfits and receive a birth certificate for their new friend, the whole store experience while on vacation. Makes for a great souvenir too.

Sign Up for a Snorkeling Cruise or Glass Bottom Boat the Day Before

While you can simply borrow fins and a mask at any point for FREE and walk down the beach a bit to snorkel, you’re better off going on the included snorkeling cruise for the best views and reefs. Check by the pier early on during your stay for times and the sign-up sheet. You can only book for one day in advance, the day prior and it fills up fast. There are several sails each day.

Try out SNUBA

During my last stay, I had the pleasure of trying the Beaches SNUBA program. My mother and husband are both certified divers, but I've been wary. I enjoy snorkeling though and this combines the two, allowing me to go down further and even touch the white sands, but not have to worry about a tank and other diver complications. I even swam right near a Nurse Shark! 

Kids 8 or over can participate, this is a great add-on activity to try out at Beaches Resorts. You remain in shallow water, as your regulators remain connected to a raft floating above your group. The hoses are 20 feet long. You also have a guide with you and watch a video with instructions beforehand. It took me a few minutes to get used to the feeling before I got the hang of it. 

Pack School Supplies for Sandals Foundation 

The Sandals Foundation represents a way for Sandals and Beaches to give back to the community through initiatives that support, uplift and improve the lives of the local people. 100 % of all funds raised by the Sandals Foundation go directly into social development programs benefiting the Caribbean.

So, Pack for a Purpose and bring new school supplies and books for children in need on the island that you're visiting. Great lesson for the kiddos to take part in as well. I also like to leave a present for our cleaning lady, but be sure and include a note that they are allowed to take it home after.

Treat yourself to a Tropical Glow Facial 

My post-facial glow from Red Lane Spa

I get this every year at Beaches Red Lane Spa and it's by far my favorite facial anywhere! This treatment is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, decrease hyperpigmentation and increase collagen production. It includes a deep cleanse, papaya and pineapple enzyme exfoliation, extraction and vitamin-rich mask followed by a facial and a hand and arm massage that will leave you feeling perfectly renewed. It’s also customizable based on your skin type. You will leave with your face glowing and moisturized for days. I had people commenting on it even. If you can, ask for Yvonne!

Also, this resort actually has two Red Lane Spa locations, the original one in the French Village and a newer one in the Key West Village. I’ve been to both but am conflicted as to which I liked better. The services are the same, but the Key West one is larger and I liked the Zen vibe to it, while the French had a more country cottage feel. You can't go wrong either way.

FYI The Key West Village Pools & Gym is Quieter

If you'd like to truly escape, wander over to the Key West Village. There are several smaller quiet pool great for reading and relaxing at. There are also two fitness centers at the resort, a larger one near the French Village and a smaller, but less visited one in the Key West Village. So, it depends on what you're looking for.

Pick the Right Village For You

We've stayed at the Italian, Carribean and French Village and loved them all. Italian Village was the most center location and has very modern accommodations, Carribean village was a little more outdated, but the rooms are large and close to the kids activities, while the French Village offered the most getaway feeling since their large pool was never as crowded. Key West meanwhile offers large house-like accommodations with kitchens and ideal for large families or several families staying together.

Bring a Float ... and Leave it There

You can order some cute donut pool floats for cheap on Amazon and then blow it up when you get there. We used ours each day and kept it on our porch when we went in at night. Instead of deflating it and folding it in our bag, we just gave it to another family that was arriving as we left. Pay it forward. 

Beaches Resorts Barbados Coming Soon

Great news! Coming in 2021 there will be a fourth Beaches Resorts location available - this time in Barbados! I can't wait.

Top Travel Tips for Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos

Disclaimer: An an attendee I received a discounted rate at Beaches Resorts and complimentary gifts from sponsors, however, flights were not included and as always all thoughts are naturally my own.
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Festive Christmas & New Years Prompts to Ask Amazon Alexa

No this is NOT sponsored. My boys and I have simply been having fun this holiday season asking our Echo Dot the following Christmas prompts. I hope your family will too -- Merry Christmas!

Alexa Christmas Skills and Prompts For the Holidays

10 Funny and Festive things to ask Alexa this Christmas

  1. Alexa, how many days until Christmas? 
  2. Alexa, play holiday music. 
  3. Alexa, tell me a Christmas joke. 
  4. Alexa, where is Santa? (it will then send a permission request to your Alexa app on your phone to enable NORAD Tracks Santa, but it's free)

  5. Alexa, who stole Christmas?
  6. Alexa, do you believe in Santa?
  7. Alexa, turn on the Christmas lights. - Obviously, you'll have to have your tree hooked up to a wireless plug and then linked to your Alexa app. It's fairly easy with an Alexa-enabled Smart Plug though, I'm pretty proud to say that I configured it myself, lol
  8. Alexa, sing a Christmas Carol. 
  9. Alexa, Merry Christmas! 
  10. Alexa, what are the names of Santa's reindeer?

10 New Year's and New Year's Eve Alexa Prompts

  1. Just ask Alexa the time left in your city - Alexa how many hours until the New Year?
  2. Alexa, Open New Year's Countdown 
  3. Alexa, Sing Auld Lang Syne
  4. Alexa, good morning. - Alexa’s response to this query changes every day. But on holidays it will respond with something special for the New Year and New Year's Eve. Try on both days. 
  5. Alexa, tell me a New Year’s Eve Joke. - Warning: the first one she told me was really lame though. 
  6. Alexa, what’s your New Year’s resolution?
  7. Alexa, play Happy New Year by ABBA
  8. Alexa, play a New Year’s Eve party playlist.
  9. Alexa, pop the champagne.
  10. Alexa, how do you cure a hangover. - Okay, this one is for the grown-ups ;)

    TaraMetBlog, tell me a New Year's Eve toast. Okay, so I'm not Alexa, but you can read and share these great toasts at your NYE party or gathering. 

Festive Christmas Prompts to Ask Alexa this Holiday - fun for the whole family

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Mom's Holiday Gift Wish List

Ideas For the Active & Stylish Mom

Aftershokz Open-Ear Headphones 

Want to parent and exercise? Now you can. I simply put on Aftershokz bone conductive headphones that allow you to play your music, audible books or podcasts and still hear the world around you. The Trekz Air open-ear headphones, sit above your ear and not inside it, thus allowing you to hear it all! And although they aren't plugged uncomfortably into your ear, you can still hear whatever you are playing. You’ve got to hear to believe, it's really cool. So much safer too since you can still hear cars, a horn honking, babies crying, dogs barking, etc. I just wish I had these back when I still took the boys on walks in their stroller.

They are wireless too and so lightweight that you can easily forget they are there. Available in Midnight Blue, Forest Green (that's what I'm wearing), Slate Gray, or a festive Canyon Red.

Aftershokz Trekz Air headphones in Forest Green 

Signature Halo Charles & Colvard Moissanite Necklace

Moissanite is the world’s most brilliant gem. It’s a white gemstone with unique optical properties that outsparkles all others. Unlike other sparkly gems, Moissanite is environmentally responsible as it's a naturally occurring gemstone made in a lab. Because it's not mined, tremendous amounts of earth aren't displaced, or water isn't contaminated in the creation process. No, blood diamond here, only a beautiful jewel that a woman can feel good about wearing too. I know I felt like a shining star wearing Charles & Colvard's Moissanite necklace during my annual holiday party this year. 

The Forever One halo necklace is set in 14K gold with a 6mm hearts & arrows center stone that is surrounded by 1mm pave stones.

Charles & Colvard Moissanite necklace shines bright during the holidays and all year long
Follow their social media handles (IG: @charles_colvard & FB: charlesandcolvard) and check out their website for seasonal savings.  

Fun x Fiorucci Women’s Sheer Crew Socks

These aren't just any crew socks, but have sheer/pantyhose-like cut-outs! This limited edition style is proof that socks are sexy. Neon red makes them festive for the holidays too and featuring sheer white filament panels that let you show some skin. You can dress them up with heels or down with sneaks. 

Available in women's sock size 9-11, which fits shoe sizes 5 - 9.5. The Fiorucci collection also includes winter accessories, t-shirts and more. Full collection can be found on or at their two retail stores (SoHo, NY and Venice, CA).

Take an additional 15% off your entire order at by using code BABBLEBOXX at checkout. Code expires 12/31/18. Discount is automatically applied by clicking the link:

Dreaming of a Rose Gold Christmas ...

This mom is obsessed with rose gold. My phone and case are rose gold, my Mickey ears, etc. Here are some other chic and useful pink Rose Gold-ish items for your collection too:

Cocktail Shakers and Drinkware at ALDI

Pop into ALDI to pick up these Crofton Chef’s Collection Cocktail Shakers and Drinkware available for a limited time starting Dec. 19. So perfect for the hostess with the mostess, a house-warming gift, Secret Santa present or simply for your own entertaining this holiday season.

My holiday party cocktail table is on-point thanks to Crofton Chef’s Collection from ALDI
These shiny copper-plated Moscow Mules cups and wine glasses make it simple to dress your cocktails in their holiday best and are just $8.99 (for a set of 2!). Check out your local ALDI Finds here.  

Meanwhile, this beautiful large cocktail shaker is only $9.99 and the coolest part is that it includes 15 cocktail recipes built into the stainless steel outer layer. Simply swivel to reveal the needed ingredients and measurements from Pina Coladas to Old Fashions, so clever and helpful!

Handy cocktail recipes are built-in to this cocktail shaker available at ALDI

Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Wellness Candles 

Now lets talk self-care and pampering. I love candles and I love essential oils and Chesapeake Bay Candle combines both! Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body Collection are natural soy wax candles that deliver a clean burn and are infused with 100% pure essential oil

I'm particularly loving their stillness + purity rose water candle, which not only glows rose in color, but smells fresh and clean like the flower too. Includes essential oils of cedar leaf, orange, mandarin, petitgrain, geranium, gurjun balsam and rose absolute. The scent is a blooming bouquet of Moroccan rose, fresh peony, and soft muguet rests on a base of clove leaf, resinous oud, and golden amber creating a pure and delicate aroma. *sigh* I'm relaxed already.

Chesapeake Bay stillness + purity rose water candle
You can order it quickly and stress-free via Amazon Prime for just $11.99. Even this candle with a coupon that entitles mom to an undisturbed soak in a hot bath!

Finishing Touch Flawless 

The new rose gold standard in facial hair removal! I've been wanting to try one of these for a while now, but was afraid it would hurt or cause my facial peach fuzz to grow back thicker and faster. Fortunately, I was wrong on both counts! 

From the #1 facial hair remover, this innovative device gently erases facial hair instantly and painlessly. No nicks or cuts and is hypoallergenic, so safe for sensitive skin. I had never shaved anywhere on my face before and thankfully didn't suffer any bumps or redness. It's also 18K gold-plated, sleek and compact, so it looks nice to have out on your vanity or in your makeup bag. It also comes with a built-in light to see even the slightest of hairs. 

Overall, Finishing Touch Flawless is a handy device and easy to use for flawless beauty -- definitely an affordable and comfortable solution for dealing with unwanted hair. So, don't wait, join the flawless club this holiday season! 

Mom's Holiday Gift Wish List - For Active & Stylish Moms and Rose Gold Lovers

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by
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Pampering Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Need some affordable holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers to spoil the women in your life? Here are some great starters under $30 to pamper your friends, girlfriends, co-workers, mom, MIL, you name it and without breaking the bank too.

All of these pampering gift ideas have been tested, approved and selected by yours truly. I only share the stuff I love and hope your the women in your life will too. Cheers!

Pampering Holiday Gift Guide and Budget Stocking Stuffers for Her

Pampering Holiday Gift Guide for Her - affordable ideas and stocking stuffers under $30

Blooming Tea Set for Two

This modern pair of striking Twin Harmony double-wall glass mugs will provide years of tea drinking enjoyment. These glass tea mugs are the ideal way to enjoy on of Teabloom's stunning flowering teas. Two beautiful Teabloom Flowering Teas included in this set. Simply fill the mug with hot water and drop the tea pod in, watch it unfurl and drink. Although it's almost too pretty to sip. The double wall construction of the mug makes the tea appear to float effortlessly while staying cool to the touch and safe for furniture. $24.95

CBD Bliss Ball™ Bath Bombs 

Don't worry, these suds from Life Elements are legal and do not contain THC (cannabis), but still have the health benefits of relaxation, reduced inflammation and relieving aches and pains. And better yet, they're handmade with natural, non-toxic ingredients that will leave you with healthier, moisturized skin. Great for runners and athletes too. $14 

Makeup Eraser Bundle

I've spent so much money on makeup wipes over the years and not to mention the resulting waste, but not anymore. This makeup eraser wipe is magic. With just water, this soft cloth erases all makeup including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, blush and more. I have a mini one that I travel with too. This present will last your giftee 3-5 years and save them lots of money too. Plus, the prints are darling. I especially like the Tropical and Cheetah patterns.

This cute limited edition holiday candy cane set is perfect for a gift exchange or stocking stuffer and includes one MakeUp Eraser Full-Size Original Pink and 1 pink cosmetic bag perfectly gift-wrapped for the holidays! $20

Save 15% off your order with code CUTIE15

Yes To Holiday Masks

Free of nasty toxic ingredients and filled with love and laughter. These paper masks contain at least 95% natural ingredients, are free of parabens and made with recyclable materials (keep mama earth happy!). The holiday packaging means you don't even have to wrap these, just slip into their stocking. Yes To Stocking Stuffer Masks can be found at Target. Great teacher and co-worker gifts too. $2.50 each.

IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce Moisturizer Confetti Popper 

This is a gift and a celebration in one. Now available in a festive confetti popper for the holidays, IT Cosmetics travel size Secret Sauce™ Moisturizer contains the gift to get a lit-from-within glow! Developed with plastic surgeons, this revolutionary face moisturizer is formulated to deliver powerful anti-aging results, visible radiance and immediate skin-smoothing hydration. Plus, sparkle confetti! Yaas! Available at Sephora stores or online at ITCosmetics for just $12

Holiday Gift Tags and Personalized Stocking Stuffers

Add a special, personal touch to your gifts! At just $5 each, these sweet little label combos from Mable's Labels make unique stocking stuffers, party favors and personalized add-ons to other gifts. A minimum order of 6 sets is required. Each set includes 5 Personalized Name Stickers and a Personalized Bag Tag for the jet-setting girl. Confession: Mine might have my handle @TaraMetBlog instead of my actual name, lol. Social dork.

And/or you can order their general Holiday Gift Tags add the perfect finishing touch to presents and are too cute to pass up. Apply them to wrapping paper, gift bags, and wine bottles! Each package contains 12 square stickers, 12 round stickers and 12 gift tag shaped stickers for just $7.95.

Lands' End Mongramed Flannel Women's Pajamas 

Now that I'm living down south I'm totally embracing this whole monogram obsession, lol and flannel just makes me happy and cozy! Plus, nothing like new holiday pajamas to welcome the season with and to take family photos in. You can order adorable personalized holiday PJs at Lands' End, I did!

USB Cable Key Chain

For the person whose phone is always dying, this adorable tassel keychain can be hooked on to their purse or key ring - such a lifesaver! Only $9.99 on Amazon and available in both Pink or Black.

Boss Babe Shirt

Let her know that she's a boss and you're proud of it! This limited edition "Boss Babe - hold the babe" tee (only 30 available) is perfect for all the boss babes out there killing it. The coolest part is that you won't find someone else wearing the same shirt. Plus, they are super soft and simple and pretty in pink! $28 and free shipping

Local Hive 

Perfect for your honey! ;) Local Hive is natural, raw unfiltered honey – and is truly created by bees as if  "it is from your own backyard." Perfect for your holiday table and every day, Local Hive offers 16 different local varietals sourced exclusively in the U.S. including Local New England, Local Northeast, Local Florida, Authentic Clover & Authentic Wildflower. They work directly with beekeepers across the country to ensure each varietal yields incredibly delicious and subtly different natural flavors that will be great additions to your family recipes and holiday memories. Available online and in-stores $5.99 FL honey; $7.49 CO honey.

Read Between the Wines

Books, wine and a witty pun? These are a few of my favorite things ;) From Gibbs Smith, this little pouch can be used as a makeup bag, pencil case, or a purse organizer for the book lover in your life - $12

Love Handle 

For the last two years, I haven't held my phone or taken a selfie without the help of my Love Handle strap. I'm constantly getting compliments and questions about it too. Trust me, they are soooo much better than those pop socket circles that you have to pop up and grasp, because with these I can just loop my finger through it and go. It's great for walking and listening to music, or just texting and not dropping your phone. I have butter fingers and since the Love Handle strap I haven't dropped my phone in the longest time. I also love the adorable colors and patterns that they come in. They even have holiday ones. Right now, I have on a pineapple design of course. Best of all, it works with any case or type of phone and doesn't damage your case when you remove or apply. The perfect accessory for the techy chick or a clutz like me ;) $10 

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