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Happy Holidays from BRIO Tuscan Grille

At BRIO Tuscan Grille it’s the season to gather, give, and taste!

This month, BRIO is offering a special festive menu with unique holiday drinks, giveaways, and other extras for the holidays, so dine in now for these great deals and meals.

We celebrated the start of December at the Waterside Shops restaurant in Naples with a lovely date night.

December Instagram/Facebook Contest

BRIO’s “12 Days to Win!” Facebook and Instagram contest gives fans a chance to win various prizes from Monday, Dec. 4–Friday, Dec. 15. They will post a different question regarding the holidays each day on their social channels. Those with winning answers will receive incredible prizes such as gift cards, brunch for six, a chef’s dinner, a Happy Hour party for 12, and BRIO for a year (a $1,200 value)! So, be sure and enter. I will be. Good luck!

Making Spirits Bright

How beautiful are these winter-inspired cocktails? They are essentially a liquid dessert with a kick!

  • Salted Caramel Martini: RumChata, Kahlua, Absolut Vanilla, caramel swirl, salted rim ($9)
  • Bulleit Nog-Chata: Bulleit Rye whiskey, RumChata, simple syrup, crème anglaise, cinnamon, nutmeg, cinnamon sugar rim ($9)

Gift Card Offer, Give $100 Get $25

Or buy a gift card for yourself and give the bonus one as a gift. From Monday, November 13 – Saturday, December 30, BRIO guests will receive a $25 bonus card with every $100 in gift cards purchased. Make your list, and check it twice!

Holiday Menu

The special seasonal two-course menu includes a soup or salad and a selection of entrees. We tried the Grilled Branzino with roasted red & gold beets, farro, Marcona almonds, marinated kale, lemon vinaigrette, feta and Surf & Turf: 14-oz. strip steak, black pepper shrimp, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus. Both were exceptional. The skin on the Branzino fish peeled off easily and was light and fluffy. The beets were also cooked to perfection. The portions are large too, we couldn't finish them.

Grilled Branzino with feta, almonds and beets
Also, they now have a new menu addition the Shrimp Scampi Appetizer with five butterflied jumbo shrimp stuffed with scampi butter, diced tomatoes, lemon butter sauce and basil. It's soooo good. Even after we ate all the shrimp, we sopped up the delicious garlic juice with the accompanying ciabatta bread.

There are 14 BRIO locations in Florida and can be found in 21 states. Find a location nearest you.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary preview of the new holiday menu in exchange for my honest review. I was already a fan of the restaurant though. 
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Holiday Gift Guide for Bros

Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for the dapper bro in your life?

The following list has your guy covered from head to toe.

Gift Guide Ideas for Bros Under $50

Gift Guide Ideas for Dapper Bros Under $50

Boondocks American Whiskey  - $49.95
2 Bottle Gift Box – 95 Proof American Whiskey and 90 Proof Port Finish Bourbon Crafted in close cooperation with Dave Scheurich, one of the world’s most respected master’s distillers and winner of the Whisky Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award. The Boondocks American Whiskey Cask Strength 127 has an ultra-smooth finish, with distinctive aromas of rich caramel and vanilla. A robust and pleasantly aggressive palate is highlighted by fall spices and oak. This is such a great price for two such good-looking bottles of Whiskey and it comes in an easy to carry case that's perfect for any holiday party. No need to wrap it either, just add a ribbon or bow. They also offer a messenger bag gift pack too. Boondocks Whiskey is available from retailers throughout the country and online as well - 

Boardshort Bottle Opener  - $48
The days of chipping your tooth, reaching for your dirty slipper or looking for a lighter to open your beverage are over. Simply lift the pocket flap of these fashionable shorts and enjoy! The bottle opener attachment is extremely lightweight and does not affect your surfing, SUP or any other type of beach activities. Taking you from the boat to the beach to the BBQ. It's a fresh and innovative product that is sure to be a conversation starter. Even without the awesome opener, the prints and designs themselves are pretty cool too.

Brush Hero - $34.99
An awesome gift for the car, motorcycle, or bike enthusiast in your life, Brush Hero connects to a regular garden hose and uses water pressure alone to power its turbine and bust the grime in only seconds. It also comes with an array of custom cleaning accessories to tackle cleaning the BBQ, golf clubs, and even lawn mowers to look as good as new again. 
DeadSoxy No-Show Socks - 3 for $35
Every Christmas I get my husband a pair of fashionable dress socks, but now that we live in Florida he's since switched over to wearing only no-show socks.Why? Because they look better with driving shoes and when wearing shorts. Some men even wear them with their suits too. Thus, the perfect sock for the boardroom or gym. We've tried a few, but Dallas based, DeadSoxy produces high-quality, stylish no-show socks for men, in a variety of colors and patterns for the perfect mixture of dapper/gentleman's style and street style. Naturally antimicrobial, these cushioned socks won’t leave his feet feeling wet or foul. Even better, these American made socks are backed with a money back guarantee. Plus, gotta love the name, DeadSoxy, lol.

Personalized Plaid Deer Sherpa Blanket - $49
Give your guy a warm personalized blanket for the holidays. It's available in a variety of colors and sports teams too, but I'm partial to the manly lumberjack pattern. On the other side is a super soft sherpa fabric great for snuggling during Netflix and Chill time together.
Groove Life Silicone Ring - $29.95
Groove Ring is the perfect gift for every adventurer on your list. The Groove Ring is the only breathable silicone ring on the market. Designed with the active user in mind, proving flexible safety, unlike traditional metal bands.Worn by firefighters (doesn't conduct heat like metal) and travelers, the inner arch and infinity loop design keeps air moving in while keeping moisture out, allowing fingers to “breathe.” Backed by a lifetime warranty, these rings are offered in a huge variety of colors, sizes and thickness.
The Half Pint Glass - $12.00 - $19.68
This quirky gift is a great way for guys to grab a small one without anyone challenging their manhood. Just top it up, hold the round side out and sup your brew in comfort. Oh sure, it won’t hold up too much scrutiny, but we can't help marveling at this remarkable piece of design. From the front, the half pint glass looks just like a full pint - the visual deception reveals itself from side-view. Fun conversation piece and addition to any bar too.

Gifts Worth Splurging On For Your Man

EVEN's H2 Wireless Headphones
With EVEN's H2 Wireless Bluetooth headphones, listeners will now have the same high-quality, personalized audio and stylish look of the H1 model headphones, but without the pesky cord and limitations on how far you can step away from your devices. The H2's feature EVEN's patented EarPrint™ technology along with a companion smartphone app that allows users to test, store and manage multiple EarPrints to see exactly how they hear. Not to mention the cool looking wood finish.

More Gift Guide Ideas for the Dapper Man 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Dapper Man & Tech Obsessed Guy. Gift Guide for Him

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Upgrading to a Big Boy Room with City Furniture

My boys are turning five next week! *my mind is blown*

We figured a great way to celebrate the milestone would be to upgrade their bedroom with bigger boy furnishings.

They have been in toddler beds for a while now, but with them sneaking into each other's beds some evenings, it was getting pretty tight in there. We discovered them like this just the other night...
Growing out of their toddler beds
Since my twins share a room, we were really looking for furnishings that did double-duty by providing storage space and grew with them as they continue to get older (NOooo!). However, they are still kids, so we wanted something fun that would get them excited, but wouldn't be an eyesore or cheap and plastic either.

The answer? City Furniture!
Big Boy Beds from City Furniture being delivered

Boys Bedroom Before:

Boys Bedroom After:

City Furniture Loft Bed
We ordered two City Furniture Highlands Dark Tone Loft Beds ($995), which included a loft headboard, footboard, ladder, rails, chest of drawers, bookcase and desk in a very dark brown espresso color.

These loft beds add both more space and storage capacity to their room. Although, my boys already started filling the drawers with toys, so I had to explain that their clothes needed to go there, lol.

Extra storage dressers and desk included.
Since they will be entering Kindergarten next year, we loved that the bottom portion also functioned as a desk for doing homework after school, allowing them their own creative workspaces, while not taking up any additional space either. For now, they are using the area to play and as a reading nook at night.

His and his space
The best part? City Furniture delivered the bedroom sets AND installed them. Phew, because ain't nobody got time for that, lol. Such a relief. It took the professional moving team almost two hours, but they handled everything even taking the boxes and wrappings with them.

Overall, I think the end result looks sophisticated, yet still magical for my boys. It met all my requirements - quality, functionality, and creativity.

Bonus, my boys are eager to go to bed each night now!

What do you think???

Southwest Florida City Furniture Showrooms

There is a City Furniture Showroom in Fort Myers (near Gulf Coast Town Center) and in Naples, as well as throughout Florida. You can also view their collections Online. 


Peel-and-Stick LEGO Baseplates
Like most boys, mine are obsessed with LEGO bricks. So, I ordered Peel-and-Stick Baseplates for my boys' upgraded bedroom. They are so easy to apply too. Instead of lying them on a flat surface, I put them on the sides of their bookshelves for some vertical building, thus allowing their furniture to have more than one purpose. Totally made me look like an expert DIYer to my kids too!

For a more customized and moldable look, we are now adding Mayka Tape for Lego lovers to the sides of their desk, underneath it for upside-down creations and pretty much anywhere they can stick it, lol. Fortunately, it comes off easily too and is non-marking. It's also more flexible than the hard base plates and comes in nine different colors.

Pillow Pets

Besides their love of LEGO bricks, my boys are also obsessed with Disney/Pixar's Cars, which you can probably spot in their bedroom too. To go with their new room, we added these awesome Lightning McQueen Pillow Pets, which are a plush toy and pillow in one.  Great for boys!
They also have an edition that light's up and projects stars.

Disclaimer: I was provided a portion of the City Furniture pieces for free in exchange for my honest review. I paid the overage for the additional loft set, delivery and installation fees and received no other compensation.
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Tieks are NOT worth the price

With all the targeted Pinterest ads, blog posts, and fashionable photos on Instagram featuring Tieks colorful ballet flats, I've long had Tieks envy.

However, the $175 starting price always kept me from ordering. Plus, they never go on sale. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem spending that amount on shoes and other high-end labels, but Tieks still seemed too unknown for that price tag.

I finally bit the bullet though and decided to treat myself with a pair of cobalt blue leather Tieks and was extremely disappointed and underwhelmed.

Believe me, I wanted to love them I really did, but unfortunately, I didn't and can not recommend them either.

What I do NOT LIKE about Tieks:

  • The cost. It's way too much money for what it is.
  • They are NOT comfortable. For almost $200 I expected these to feel amazing. However, only after a day of light use and wear (just walking around the office) I received a blister! I also didn't like how they felt tight clinging to my foot even when I was just sitting at my desk and this is after I went up a size. I constantly knew they were on my feet and not in a good way.

    Tieks are not comfortableTieks are NOT worth the price
  • They make a rubber noise even when walking on carpet. Just walking around my home trying them on for the first time, they kept making a farting noise when I stepped on tile or on the carpet. I believe it was how my skin rubbed against the inside leather and it happened in both a size 5 and size 6. All I could think was, um this is going to be embarrassing out in public! 
  • Sizing - their site recommends that if you're a half size to go a size down since they will stretch. I am a 5.5 narrow, so I ordered a 5 and they were too tight. I was able to easily exchange it for a 6 and while not as tight they still weren't comfortable.
  • I didn't receive any compliments while wearing them. Sounds shallow, but I went into work with a spring in my step expecting everyone to ohh and ahh over my Tieks and it just didn't happen. My Payless wedges the day before received more fanfare.

 What I LIKE about Tieks:

Tieks handwritten note with each pair
  • The array of enticing colors. It was so hard to choose a style as I wanted them all. 
  • Their customer service is personal and responsive - a handwritten note is included with your purchase and when I needed a different size I received an actual human response via email, not just an automated reply. 
  • Each order comes with a reusable nylon tote in their signature teal color along with a Tieks custom pouch to compress folded Tieks for quick and convenient storage during travel.
  • The quality of the leather is indeed fine. 
  • Easy returns and exchanges.

The Verdict is Mixed:

Don't just take my word for it, I received both positive, lukewarm and negative feedback for Tieks over on my Facebook post. Read through the comments:

Alternatives to Tieks:

  • Sanuks are my go-to travel shoe. They are just as compact when traveling and they are like walking on a cloud. The bottom is made from yoga mats.  
  • Tory Burch sandals are fashionable flip-flops and dress up any casual outfit. I have two pairs - a black patent leather and matted silver ones. I have my eye on these gold ones next. 
  • TOMS flats at least go to a good cause.

Are Tieks worth the price? No! An honest review

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VIP Tips for Staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Guests can step into the heart of Africa at the magnificent Walt Disney World deluxe resort, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Florida. Its horseshoe-curved design provides spectacular views of four lush savannas that over 200 hoofed animals and birds call home including zebras, giraffes, gazelles, kudu and flamingos.

Families can experience an African safari adventure with a touch of Disney magic right from their hotel room. As expected, it's pure magic staying at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. I've always wanted to go and finally my boys and I stayed at the infamous hotel. Here are some VIP tips to making your stay even more magical.

Savanna View guest room balcony - pack binoculars! 

VIP Tips for Staying at Animal Kingdom's Lodge 

Animal Kingdom Lodge VIP Tips and Secrets

Pick the Village that's Best for You - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge has two villages, Kidani and Jamba House (the main resort). The main lodge has a larger lobby and more activities and dining options, but it's also more crowded. At first, I was bummed we weren't at Jamba House, but soon welcomed the more peaceful Kidani side more. Plus, as a hotel guest, you can easily access both villages via a free shuttle van, which we never had to wait more than five minutes for.

Savanna View Rooms Are Amazing, but Optional- If you're able to reserve and pay the extra cost for a Savanna View Room with private balconies overlooking exotic animals, definitely go for it. However, you don’t need a Savanna View room to enjoy the up-close animal sightings. There are several areas on the second floor of the resort near the lobby where you can view animals. They contain rocking chairs and offer views from a little higher up, which is often better for picture taking. There are also several floor-to-ceiling windows in the hallways leading to all the guest rooms. My kids had to stop at nearly all of them! Jamba House also has a flamingo area near the pool.

Savanna views from the hallways

Pack kid binoculars to make spotting the animals outside the hotel even more interactive. Although most of the animals can be viewed easily without them, my kids enjoyed feeling like actual explorers. We ordered GeoSafari Kidnoculars, which are reasonably priced and easy for toddlers to use too. You may also want to back a more sophisticated, grown-up pair for the adults in the room too - binoculars for adults.

Take in the animals at night too! - It might be time to go to sleep, but that's also when the more nocturnal animals come out. Luckily, the Savannas are given a moonlight glow for evening observing too. Look for hidden Simbas - Disney fans are trained to look for hidden Mickey's throughout the parks and resorts, but here be sure and keep your eye out for hidden Simbas too! We spotted one on our headboard and in the tile of our bathroom.

VIP Experiences Can Be Booked for Even More Animal Magic -
  • Dine with an Animal Specialist while enjoying a 4-course lunch at Sanaa restaurant in Kidani Village. 
  • Take the Wanyama Safari private tour,  where you can explore the savanna at the lodge and enjoy a fine dining, multi-course meal at Jiko, and even roast marshmallows when the sun goes down at the Jambo House Campfire! This experience features a ride in a rugged safari vehicle over an open savanna. Available for $209 per Guest. Be sure to reserve this popular experience in advance—up to 180 days prior to your visit! Guests must be 10 years of age and older to participate in the Wanyama Safari and Dinner though. 
  • Jiko Wine Tasting Explore South Africa’s distinguished varietals while sampling the complimentary tastes of exquisite cheese pairings. (Next time, I'm going to book this and the kids camp, for an adult night out.)
Eat and Sip Wine at Jiko’s. The food is spectacular and their wine list is one of the best at Disney.

Eat a Zebra Dome - This is the must order treat at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Available in the buffet restaurant Boma, this mini African desert is a combination of espresso, Amarula Liquor cake, and white chocolate ganache all rolled into one ball. You can eat as many as you want any night of the week. Just high-tail it over to the dessert table! You can also find them in the refrigerated cases at The Mara in a pack of four.

Simba's Clubhouse - Jamba House has a Supervised Children’s Activity Center for kids 3 to 12 years of age (must be potty trained though) where kids can have fun while parents enjoy an evening to themselves. Be sure and book the kids camp ahead of time by calling (407) 939-3463 or the Front Desk for additional information. The center is only open in the evening and an hourly rate of $15 is charged per child, with a 2-hour minimum.

We made a reservation for our four-year-old boys just two weeks in advance and luckily they had availability. To prepare our boys, we told them all about it ahead of time, so by the time we arrived they were eagerly looking forward to their kids night out. A kid-friendly dinner is included, so they ate there, played with trains and toys and watched Disney films. Keep in mind, you do not need to be staying at AK Lodge for your child to attend, but of course, it makes it that much more convenient.

Pools and Playgrounds - If you're with the kids, they can have fun visiting both sides for different kid-friendly areas to experience. Jamba House a large outdoor playground called Hakuna Matata Playground with two play structures -- one for younger kids and one for older kids. They also have an indoor arcade room.

Hakuna Matata Playground

Meanwhile, Kidani has a fun outdoor water play area with a splash pad, ropes area, water guns, slides and more. Both pools have water slides though, but Kidani has several. You can easily spend the day going to both pools and play areas without having to even go to the park, or at least we did.

Splashzone Playspace at Kidani Village
Grab a schedule from the front desk for a list of activities happening each day including which films are playing in their Movies Under the Stars by the Uzima Pool at night and gather ‘round as the sun goes down for a complimentary marshmallow roast by a crackling fire.

Take in the authentic art - The lodge boasts one of the largest collections of African art in the United States. I made the mistake of assuming the art in the hallways were just themed decoration, not authentic, however, both sections of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge can be considered mini art galleries. There are some amazing artifacts to be found throughout the Resort, so don’t be afraid to explore, and ask a Cast Member about the stories behind the art.

VIP Tips for Disney's Animal Kingdom park

Insider Tips and Secrets for Disney's Animal Kingdom park

Tips & Secrets To Visit Pandora At Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Tips & Secrets to Visiting Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom
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Winning Halloween with AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit

It's no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Lucky for me, I live on a street that takes the holiday serious as well. People decorate over-the-top like at Christmas time.

We're definitely among the ones that go all out with lights, blow-ups and homemade decorations. This year though, we are really bringing it thanks to the AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit, the home decorating effects company that pioneers the art of digital decorating.

With this easy to install device, we can project a zombie apocalypse or singing jack-o-lanterns on to our windows. And believe me, these animated digital effects cause everyone to stop and take another look. While I love some of their really creepy options, we are displaying the singing pumpkin scenes since it's not as scary for our preschoolers. Although on Halloween night, once my twins are in bed, I think we'll switch it to the psycho with a hook one or the creepy haunted twins.

The kit includes a projector, screen, tripod stand, remote and 14 pre-loaded scenes on an SD Card including Christmas graphics too, so we'll be using it then too. You could also use the same projector to play your own videos and movies. I was really surprised at how easy it was to install, especially considering the high-quality end result that it creates. Simply plug in, hang the included screen and follow the prompts on the screen to project your desired decoration. Wifi isn't needed and there are timer settings you can use too.

If you already have a projector, AtmosFX also sells the different looped visuals separately, which you could then load onto a USB drive or play through a computer, etc. For $19.99 you can pick a theme and get several interactive scenes or purchase them individually for $5.99 each. They are constantly doing updated scenes each season so I can see myself downloading new packs too. You can also order the different gear like a screen or projector separately too through their site. 

Digital Halloween Decorations - Winning Halloween with AtmosFX Digital Decorating Kit

Disclaimer: I received the AtmosFX unit complimentary for my honest review and opinions -- and as mentioned it rocks! 
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What I learned from Irma

The hurricane that is and not my husband’s aunt Irma.

As I watched the eye of the storm go over Naples and our community on CNN these are some of the lessons learned from my first hurricane since living in Florida.
  1. Get the hell out! Better safe than sorry. I wanted to stay, but Raphael talked me into leaving the Wednesday prior. Keep in mind though at that time all the models were still saying Irma was going to hit the East Coast of Florida, which brings me to my next lesson learned. 
  2. Models don’t mean shit and meteorologists can guess all they want, but mother nature doesn’t watch the news or take in account the European model vs. the American model, it is going to do what it wants to do. It also keeps changing. Although ... it seems the European model is more accurate than all the other spaghetti lines that were being drawn on the map of Florida. 
  3. Pack more. You can replace everything but your family and pets. However, since I was dragging my feet when I left, I only brought with us some of my finest pieces of jewelry and minimal clothes. I put our important documents in a ziplock, packed my boys’ clothes, blankets and that was it. I had time though, I should have planned for being gone more than just four days, which we were! Power was off for several days so we weren’t in a rush to head back, plus traffic and gas shortages kept us away longer than expected. Thus, I should have packed smarter, better and for non-Florida weather too. Duh! As we got further away from our home I’d think of something else that was important to me that I didn’t better protect. Like the photo album of my dad and sister, which I haven’t digitized yet. We had room in the van too. 
  4. Get gas! Fill even the car you’re not taking with gas, so when you get back you’ll have enough until supplies are replenished in your area. Fill up extra gas canisters with fuel too. It’s a shame we are still so dependent on the damn stuff, but we all are! 
  5. Charge your Kindle so you can have hundreds of books on one device and can still read once all the lights are off. Nothing like escapism. I read the entire Castles Ever After trilogy by Tessa Dare on a single charge with battery to spare. 
  6. Water is essential. Fill your tubs with water in case the water supply is turned off. We prepared for this but didn’t end up needing it. 
  7. Power up every battery pack and power brick ahead of time. Fortunately, we did this. Would totally recommend a Mophie case and Pocket Juice
  8. Leave at the right time. Although I’m glad we evacuated even before it became mandatory, I would have preferred to have left closer to the storm's actual date, because after the storm we still couldn't return for several days due to traffic and gas shortages. Leaving sooner was also more costly since it required additional days in a hotel. We also drove through the night instead of the day for less traffic, which seemed to help, plus that meant more time that our kids slept through our total 35hr journey and fewer "are we there yets?" 
  9. Keep your blessings to yourself. While I do indeed feel thankful that our house was only minimally affected, not everyone was so lucky. So does that make those that suffered more not blessed? You know what I mean? So keep social posts of celebration to a minimum and maybe leave God out of it. 
  10. Don't overpack your freezer or be better about eating frozen items.  I'm all about Publix BOGO's and freezing the other item. We even have an extra freezer in our garage. It made me ill having to throw it all away when we got back home since we were several days without power. 

Any other hurricane tips? 

 My boys appear here in this video I did about the evacuation:

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Travel Essentials for Bloggers

Between blogging here, attending conferences, writing for HuffPost Travel and, I obviously find myself traveling quite a bit. Yet, no matter the destination I pack the same essential items.
Travel Essentials for Travel Bloggers

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Between using Maps' location services and sharing live updates on SnapChat and Instagram Stories, even a fully charged cell phone is practically dead by midday if not sooner. So, when I travel even my phone gets a new look. Instead of having an external battery bank and worrying about carrying around extra cords in your purse or backpack, I just swap out my regular phone case for a Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case in the uber chic Rose Gold, but they have colors too. I've had other battery cases in the past that were overly bulky and hard to open, but the new iPhone 7 Mophie one is lightweight, sleeker and easy to put on and off.

Chargers, chargers and more chargers. Traveling can be rough on cords and cables, especially iPhone cables, which is why I stopped using the standard charger that comes with a device for a more durable one that won't fray, break or stop working while traveling. Kanex Apple Certified Premium Lightning to USB Cable in Rose Gold is my favorite. This premium metal material cable is built to last. It's durable yet flexible and will never fray and never tangle. It also looks really sleek and can help your cable easily stand out from others

A good book, or 100! I always make sure my Kindle Paperwhite is charged and loaded with e-books the night before I leave. While I love taking a book, I hate finishing it mid-trip and having it take up weight and space in my bag. With a Kindle at least it's lightweight, can hold up to several books, including travel guides and with the built-in light, so I can read on the plane without turning on that bright overhead spotlight.

Best Clothing and Gear for Travel 

Fabletics tights & Sanuk sandals

Fabletics Savina tights. I get so many compliments on their peek-a-boo, not your typical yoga pants. They keep me warm on the plane, yet not too hot either. Better yet, you can get two leggings for just $24 here!

My favorite shoes for travel are Sanuk Sandals, which are made from yoga mats. They look nice, feel great and are affordable too. I own 3 pairs! My feet have never blistered or hurt from these and I've walked miles in them. And don't just take my word for it, on my last press trip two other travel bloggers were wearing them too! Plus, they are lightweight and easy to pack unlike bulky sneakers.

Knomo Beauchamp Backpack is great for travel and everyday toting of gadgets. Sleek and durable, this fashionable backpack is splash-resistant and inside, has a padded laptop sleeve, keeping your computer safe and separate from your other possessions. In front, there is an easy-access pocket with two zippers; the right has an anti-RFID lining for storing credit cards and protecting you from digital theft. Another cool feature is that each bag comes with an ID number that you can register your bag and if it’s lost, the founder can return it easier. The inner lining is also red!! LOVE!

AWAY Carry-on Luggage with Built-in Power Charger - The perfect carry-on, sized up. Unbreakable, water-resistant lining and guaranteed for life. This thoughtfully designed spinner with a built-in TSA-approved combo lock and a power charger to charge your phone up to 5x (GENIUS!). Plus, includes a roll out laundry bag, mesh pockets, and 360 wheels. Best of all, it's made to fit the sizers of major US airlines, this is perfect for any traveler.

Sexy Fabletics Tights for Travel

What to Pack For a Better Sleep When Traveling

It's not easy falling asleep when you're not in your own bed or are jet lagged, so I always pack these yummy tasting Melatonin Gummies to help me fall asleep naturally. These don't cause that groggy feeling in the morning like sleeping pills do, so I can explore and not sleep the morning away.

For the same reason, I also pack a Bucky Eye-Mask, which is great for catching Zzz on the plane too. Don't just use the cheap ones that they sometimes give you when traveling, because they are often too tight and scratchy. THe best are these ones that look like a bra, but give you room to still blink comfortably. 

Travel Blogger's Travel Essentials

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