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Top things to do during your Tanzanian family holidays

National Parks & Animal Viewing

Tanzania is a large country, and over 38% of its surface is dedicated to wildlife protection in its 16 national parks. Yes, 16! It is also home to the Serengeti where thousands of wildebeest make their annual journey to the waters of Lake Victoria. Considered to be the prime wildlife spot in Africa, this is definitely the best way to spend your holiday in Tanzania with the family.

From the Ruaha National Park to the Ngorongoro National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, there is a lot to choose from and it might take some planning, especially if you want to include more than one destination.

In most of the national parks you can spot the African big five: elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion, and leopard. There is also rare game like the black and white rhino, the African wild dog, sable and gerenuks. Among the fauna, Tanzania is home to over 1 000 different species of birds that nest along the shores of the many rivers and lakes, including flamingos in the Ngorongoro National Park where over 70% of the world’s population of flamingos come from.

Most of the national parks are accessible by vehicle and make for great game viewing in the dry season between June and November. During the wet seasons from December to April, you can experience boating safaris for a closer look at the hippos, crocodiles and birds that live on the shores.

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The natural plant growth in Tanzania is also something to behold. With acacia trees, baobabs, palm trees and many smaller shrubs and bushes, the tropical plant growth near the Ngorongoro National Park and Arusha, and the incredible site of “God’s Garden” where hundreds of different flowers bloom during September in the Kitulo National Park, every family member will be satisfied with these natural sites.


A great family activity is ‘roughing it’ in one of the world-class parks in a tent. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for kids to experience wildlife like never before. There are many wonderful guides that will make sure you are safe and comfortable, and you get to enjoy Africa up close and personal. There is nothing like sitting around a campfire at night, listening to the sounds of the bush with a lion’s roar a few kilometers away.

Hot air balloon rides

If you have done a safari drive, the nature walk, and the camping, another way for the family to see some of the amazing wildlife in Tanzania is to take a hot air balloon ride. Basically, it's like riding on Sorin Around the World at Epcot and going over the savannah, but the real thing, lol. 

In the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks, you have the opportunity to see Africa from a bird’s eye view. The balloon takes off early in the morning, just as the sun rises and you spend the next hour drifting with the wind over the plains where hundreds of animals do not even realize you are looking at them. After the balloon ride, there is a big breakfast with champagne or fruit juice for the kids.

Beach holiday and water activities

Be sure to include a visit to the coast on your trip to Tanzania. You will love the relaxed atmosphere on the sandy beaches, and the kids will love the warm Indian Ocean with its calm waves and coral reefs. There are many spots along the coast, including places like Bagamoyo and Dar es Salaam, where you can dive or snorkel, or enjoy other water activities like fishing, canoeing, water skiing, and many more. One of the best sites to visit is the famous Zanzibar islands. Though it is accessible by plane, there is also a ferry that travels between the city of Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

There are a couple of islands in the Zanzibar Archipelago, some quieter than the rest. The main island, Unguja, is home to the Old Stone Town, large spice plantations, slave trading stations and caves where escaped slaves used to hide. There are also many isolated beaches, coves and lagoons to explore.

Cultural tours

Tanzania is home to over 120 different tribes, some of which have inhabited Tanzania for over 2,000 years including the Hadzabe and Datoga. These tribes still live exactly like they did when Europeans first settled in Tanzania, and they offer you tours of their villages. On these tours, you will learn how they hunt, make weapons, build houses, collect food and hear some of their oral histories.

The Maasai tribe that lives in the Ngorongoro National Park also offers tours of their villages, and the colorful clothing they wear is representative of their colorful culture with art, music, and dance being a central part of it. This is a great opportunity for kids to see how other people live. There are also a couple of ancient sites that show how humankind progressed through evolution, and they are quite educational.


If you are a family that enjoys an adventure, consider climbing Mount Meru near Arusha. Or if you seek more of a thrill, dare to climb the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. There are a couple of routes to choose from, and it is a big feat to be able to say you climbed the mighty Kilimanjaro in five days.
Lake Tanganyika

If you like tropical weather and hiking, Lake Tanganyika has lots to offer. From Kigoma you can take a boat to the Gombe National Park, well known for the research of Jane Goodall. This park and the Mahale Mountains National Park are some of the only places in Africa where wild chimpanzees and other primates still live undisturbed, protected from predators and poachers by mountains and valleys. Both these parks are only accessible by boat, and there are no roads meaning you get to hike through them to track the chimps.

Lake Tanganyika, the longest lake in the world also offers beautiful beaches, water activities like snorkeling and the cool waters is great to swim and relax in. This lake is home to fish colorful fish species that can be found nowhere else on earth and makes for a great holiday destination.

More Tips for Traveling to Tanzania with Kids

Top things to do on a Tanzanian family trip

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5 Unplugged STEM Travel Toys for Younger Boys & Girls

We've been doing a lot of road trips this summer and now that we no longer have a minivan (holla! ðŸ™Œ) we need to work harder to keep the boys entertained during our rides.

While it's easier and quieter to just hand them an iPad and headphones, it's not exactly the unplugged and engaged family trip that we had growing up. Plus, you know STEM and combatting Summer Brain Drain and all those buzzwords that make me feel guilty and stressed, lol.

Along with tons of snacks and limited water (fewer bathroom breaks), I've been packing the following travel toys for my boys. Bonus, they won't dirty your car and kids love them too! Win/win.

5 Unplugged Travel Toys for Younger Boys and Girls

Unplugged STEAM Travel Toys for Kids Ages 3 to 10

BRIO Take Along Labyrinth: Almost like a video game, but not, younger children can play with this portable marble labyrinth by themselves or take turns with their sibling and friends. Warning: dad will likely want a turn too, lol! It requires concentration, dexterity and is surprisingly addictive. The Take Along Labyrinth is two-sided and completely sealed, making it especially ideal for travel. It's also lightweight, durable and quality made. Ages 3+

Hasbro Connect 4 and ThinkFun Stratos Spheres Game - If you have more than one child, the family favorite Connect 4 Grab and Go Travel Size Game can have them playing nice together for awhile or at least the best out of three. Better yet if there is a rematch!

If you want to take the classic game to another level though, try Statos Spheres, the perfect game for your lower elementary aged children. Work on visual spatial skills while creating a 3D game from the classic connect four game. Builds logic skills, visual perception and strategy. With no game board and game-go bag, it's perfect for travel.

Kid O Magnatab - The Magnatab is a wonderful learning tool that provides an immersive, early writing lesson. While my boys know and can write their ABC's their penmanship needs work (I should talk! lol) especially lower case letters. Following the directional arrows, kids can use the magnetized pen to trace over the letters or numbers and the beads will pop to the surface with an audible click revealing the shape. They can do this over and over again too, by pressing the balls back down with their fingers and start over. The balls are completely self-contained and stay securely in the board, so great for travel too.  There are three different boards available - upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! - It's watercolor painting without the mess! Kids simply trace over the thick pages with their water-filled brush and suddenly color is revealed with each stroke. Eventually, it fades once dry and kids can start to color all over again. This is a favorite travel toy for Logan who especially enjoys coloring and arts and crafts. The only problem is sometimes the water will leak from the pen and you also have to remember to fill the brush with water at some point, but it only holds a little amount, so the leaking is minimal and you can refill at any water fountain or bathroom sink along the way. 

Water Wow Reusable Coloring Toy for kids traveling 

Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Pad & Markers Don't worry, color wonder markers work only on special paper and will not stain your child's clothes, fingers, car seat or your car either. Phew! It's more coloring fun without the mess. However, once these pages are filled in, you can NOT reuse them. The markers will work on other Color Wonder pages though and most packs provide numerous pages that end up lasting us both legs of our journey. They also sell blank pages where kids can draw whatever they want instead of just using a coloring book.

More Travel STEM Ideas for Kids 8+

Disclaimer: The above post contains Amazon affiliate links. I also received the BRIO Labyrinth and Water Wow pads gratis for an honest review and coverage consideration. 
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Customizing your dream closet

Mr. Big: We're getting married. Should we get you a diamond?
Carrie: No. No. Just get me a really big closet. ~Sex and the City

Seriously, who doesn't wish they had a custom walk-in closet with all their shoes, bags and clothes perfectly on display? No more rifling through to find what you need. No plastic wall hooks, faux shelves, tangled hangers crammed together and stacked piles of shirts? ðŸ™‹‍♀️

PLC Closets Naples Showroom 
I wish that was my organized closet! My DIY attempts so far to bring order to my closet look well, DIY and amateur. *sigh* Fortunately, actual experts at PLC Closets in Naples tailor make 100% Custom Closet Storage systems for their clients for a perfectly personalized closet.

Fact: Regular closets are usually a mess (like mine!). Most people keep their clothes and shoes in piles and due to their limited storage options, they almost always reach the conclusion that around half of them are never worn. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with a more personalized approach that will make the most out of the space you have for your wardrobe and display it in a more efficient manner.

Tip: Closets that have two rows of hanging space for shirts with a smaller area for dresses can allow a great deal more clothing to fit into the same square footage. When looked at from another angle, this helps shrink the footprint needed to store the same amount of stuff. While I've done this for my boys' closets, I haven't been able to manage this in mind yet.

Closet organization isn't just for clothes, but jewelry, shoes, or a vanity too
For more information, you can visit PLC Closets Naples showroom at 1408 Rail Head Blvd, Naples, FL 34110; (239) 260-1890.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but like usual all of my opinions are 'freely' given, lol.
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Six things to do in Exuma

The Bahamas are a dream destination for many, you picture big yachts, big parties and more fun than you have time for and Exuma, which is part of the Bahamas has all this and much more. Every year people look for exuma villa rentals, so they can share in on some of the fun. I’ve made this article to show you just some of the fun activities that you can get up to while you take your vacation here.
Exuma is a district of the Bahamas, consisting of over 365 islands, also called cays, beginning just 35 miles southeast of Nassau.

Here are my six things to do in Exuma

Visit a wreck:

How could a trip to the Bahamas be complete with a shipwreck visit of which there is an abundance in the area, from mercenary aircraft to 18th-century cargo vessels you will surely find one that is both entertaining and interesting. One of the most popular is the train wreck site in North Eleuthera, what was supposed to be a new locomotive was sank in the 1850’s when the ship which was carrying it was caught in a large storm. For this, you will need your diving license as it lies 15 feet below the surface.

For those who do not have a license then perhaps The Sapona would be a better option. A former concrete vessel, it now lies in the ocean as an artificial reef, one which is popular with both divers and fishing. Hire a charter boat for the day and you can enjoy this site along with others.

Swim with Pigs:

Yes, pigs! Every island offers swimming with dolphins, but pigs?

Swimming "domesticated" pigs live on Major's Spot Cay, and it's uncertain how they got there. Whenever a boat arrives, they swim out to it and expect to be fed, a practice that's been going on for years. The only way to reach Pig Beach is by boat, so you'll either have to charter one or take a guided tour.

Some of the hotels offer their own tours or boats. But a popular tour company in the area is 4C's Adventures, which offers a full-day tour that includes visiting the pigs, swimming with nurse sharks, meeting iguanas, a sandbar picnic, and snorkeling in the famous Thunderball Grotto (a scenic spot that has been in two James Bond films), for $160 per person.

Swim with Pigs in Exuma, Bahamas. Getty Images | Barcroft

Meanwhile ... Compass Cay is home to nurse sharks just waiting to swim with daring humans, and Bitter Guana Cay is home to the endangered Exuma Island iguanas, though you'll feel like there are plenty of them when they coming running towards you across the sand!

Take a boat trip:

Being in the Bahamas there is never a shortage of opportunities to take a boat trip around the area to check out some of the lesser known cays and islands out of the over 300 to choose from. You can go on fishing, scuba diving or sightseeing ventures on your own private boat trip. Depending on your budget and timescale you can have food prepared, tours of secluded areas and all the equipment you need to be included in your day or overnight trip. Venture out to some of the more secluded areas and experience what life must have been like during more quitter periods in the area history.

Spend some quality time at the beach:

Not one that necessarily needs to be on the list but something you will get up to anyway. Beach time in the Bahamas is the reason many people have taken the trip this far. The beach, especially in the Exuma region, is some of the best in the Bahamas mainly because they are virtually untouched.

The larger of the Exuma island will, of course, have more tourist options regarding accommodation and restaurants but for a true castaway experience then you want to venture to the further Cays where you can spend the day exploring islands that have had hardly any human contact. Bring a picnic and enjoy the tranquillity and quietness that some of these nameless beaches have.

It is truly a special experience to enjoy and be in a place that perhaps nobody has been before, save the pirates that once dominated the area.

Enjoy some local cuisine:

This can be either something you happened to catch on one of your boating trips or more likely in one of the many Caribbean restaurants on the larger Exuma islands. Known for its luxury destination label expect to find some of the best-cooked food in the region.

For a more authentic feel though try and find some locations in which the locals are dining out, this is for a more authentic experience and to have the food how the locals really do. Sometimes this can be better than any upscale restaurant you find in the area. Fresh fish with that real Bahamas style of cooking is not something that you will forget lightly after your visit to the island is over.

Take the water taxi to Stocking Island for amazing fresh conch at Big D's Conch Spot, or eat a whole fish at Eddie's Edgewater Grill or Shirley's at the Fish Fry. End your night by going to a dance party at Chat 'n Chill.

Learn about the history of the area:

With the main period of the islands, history beginning in the 1650’s you can find a trove of information on tours about the history of the island. This stretches from slavery, colonials, British and Spanish conflicts and even Piracy which was very common in the area at one time. Some tours will take you to the old haunts of pirates, tell you about the history of plantation farming in the region and in more modern times the use of the areas as a hub for drug telling which marred the reputation of the area for quite some time.

Not content with being just an island paradise there is much more to Exuma than simply the beaches and waters off the coast of its many islands. Just six of the many, many more things to do in Exuma. Hopefully, this has given you a little inspiration to visit.

Six things to do in Exuma, Bahamas
Six things to do in Exuma, Bahamas

This is a partnered post 
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VIP Tips for Visiting Amsterdam

This is just one of its 1000+ bridges and 165 canals in Amsterdam

VIP Tips for What to Eat, Drink and See in Amsterdam 

Amsterdam - “the Venice of the North” - both the capital and cultural heart of the Netherlands is charming, cozy, architecturally unique, and rich in history. I had always wanted to visit and had the chance to spend three kid-free days there in April for my husband's birthday celebration. In such a short time, we were able to eat and do so much on the cheap. Here are our tips with insights from locals too.

Heading on a bachelor trip to Amsterdam? Check out these Amsterdam Stag Party packages.

Street Food Guide to Eating in Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp Market 

Our first foodie stop was to this local street market open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. It is located in de Pijp and there are nearly 300 vendors selling all sorts of items and eats, along with pubs and restaurants on the side streets.


While at the market we took the opportunity to try warm stroopwafels. They are thin crisp waffles/ baked dough with a caramel syrup filling in the middle holding them together. Just look for the blue and white checkered flag at the market or follow the scent of sweetness! You can also buy already prepared ones to go here or at the supermarket for souvenirs to take back home with you, but definitely try a hot one first.

Amsterdam Stroopwafels at Albert Cuyp Market
If you want an Instagram worthy waffle though, you can head to van Wonderen Stroopwafels Kalverstraat 190, 1012 XH Amsterdam, Netherlands. These are dipped in chocolate and have colorful toppings like candy or sprinkles.


In the market and near the canals you'll see vendors selling fresh Herring as a snack like you would hot dogs. Raw herring is a Dutch specialty. You can make it like a sandwich and have it served on bread with pickles and onions, but locals order theirs straight up and start at the tail. I wasn't brave enough, but my husband had it twice, he loved it!

Albert Cuyp Market Raw Herring Stand
Ordering Raw Herring stand in Albert Cuyp Market

Vlaamse Frites 

Belgian style fries stacked in a cone and smothered in sauce. You can pick from mayo, curry, Hawaiian, even pickle sauce! I went with just melted cheese. You'll see windows selling Frites like this near the center by Dam Square along the trolley lines. The most famous hole-in-the-wall shop though is Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx Voetboogstraat 33, 1012 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Vlaamse Frites with Sauce


Free cheese? Yes, please! Also near Dam Square is a cheese museum and plenty of cheese shops with free samples to nibble on. We couldn't stop ourselves from going into three different places and purchased a pesto and sun-dried tomato cheese to take back with us. Yum!

Amsterdam Cheese Shops!

Where to Eat Dinner in Amsterdam

De Koe 

This is real Dutch restaurant, that's tiny and quaint. De Koe means the Cow, but they serve seafood. A short walk from the Liedesplein area, it's a low-end dive restaurant that both Rick Steve’s and I like ;) The staff is friendly, but the food takes awhile to come out, so be patient and take in the views of the kitchen and other locals. The coffee shop next door and bar upstairs are worth checking out too. Marnixstraat 381, 1016 XR Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Eating with locals at Dutch Restaurant De Koe in Amsterdam
Eating with locals at Dutch Restaurant De Koe


Close enough to downtown is a high-end Italian restaurant inan old building called Incanto. Closer to the flower market


This “go to” easy Indian restaurant for lunch or dinner. Geldersekade 5 HS, 1011 EH Amsterdam, Netherlands


High-End MOMO has great sushi, but warning that it’s expensive. Hobbemastraat 1, 1071 XZ Amsterdam, Netherlands Phone: +31 20 671 7474

Drinking and Smoking in Amsterdam 

Heineken Experience

Very touristy, but still enjoyable is the Heineken Experience tour of their original brewery (sine 1864) in the city centre. TIP: Make a reservation or go to one of their later tours so you can enjoy some time in their downstairs bar sipping free pints before heading out to dinner and more drinking. They close early, so make sure you arrive well before closing so you get in.

Amsterdam Heineken Experience Tour Bar
Amsterdam Heineken Experience Tour Bar

Rooftop Bar

The DoubleTree hotel has a rooftop bar and restaurant with great views at sunset and at night. Find a way to go outside even if it looks like it’s closed off. Oosterdoksstraat 4, 1011 DK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Coffee Shops

We all know a big draw for the city is its illegal activities from marijuana to sex professionals. In Amsterdam "coffeeshops," are local dispensaries for marijuana, and they do NOT sell coffee. You'll want to visit a cafe for that. The Red Light District is where most of the 250 coffee shops are located including the first one - The Bulldog No. 90. However, the ones near here are crowded and a bit overwhelming.

We visited one off the beaten path where the staff even made recommendations more like they would in Denver. HOWEVER, if you're a 5'2 lightweight like me, maybe don't eat a whole "space brownie," even if they say, "no, this won't do anything." It did, and it wasn't fun.

15 Most Famous and Best Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Inside Tips for Seeing Amsterdam on the Cheap

Iamsterdam Sign

Be sure and visit the famous IAmsterdam sign near the museum district. You can even sit on the letters. It's great for photos, people watching, relaxing and for seeing tulips!

Iamsterdam sign selfies are a must!

Go to the Top of the Library 

You can go into Amsterdam’s very modern public library for free. Then take the elevator or escalator to the top where there is a cafe and panoramic views of the entire city. However, this was quite a walk from the canals and city center. 

Amsterdam Inside Tip: Free views of Amsterdam at the top of Amsterdam Public Library
Free views of Amsterdam at the top of Amsterdam Public Library

Free Walking Tour 

We took a FREE Sandeman walking tour (just tip your guide and make an online reservation ahead of time) of the city and saw some of its famous attractions like the Anne Frank house, the world's most narrow home, and more. This 2½-hour walking tour covers the main sights of the inner city.

They also have a nighttime Red Light tour as well, which we did too, but it's not free. You can make your reservation for that one though while on the free tour if you'd like. It was nice to have a guide to the Red Light district, less intimidating and I now know more than I ever wanted to know about that! lol. 

Blue Boat Canal Tour

With 1000+ bridges and 165 canals, there are a LOT of canal cruises. Many offer drinks for purchase or a free drink with your ride, but before and negotiate that first before you hop on board. I actually didn't want to take a canal tour, but my husband did and it ended up being pretty enjoyable. I'd recommend the Blue Boat Canal Boat Ride, which starts near the Hard Rock Café.

VIP Tips for What to Eat, Drink and See in Amsterdam

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Fashionable One-Piece Bathing Suits Under $30

Even before kids, I've never been one for a bikini, preferring one-piece suits that can both lift and suck me in, lol.

Finding flattering and stylish one-piece bathing suits though hasn't been easy, especially reasonably priced ones. Fortunately, I've finally found ones that both flatter and won't kill your bank account! ....And let me state right off that this is NOT a sponsored post nor did I receive these bathing suits for free.

Just want to share that I'm obsessed with Cupshe brand, which has uber cute and trendy one-pieces that are sexy and all under $30! I love that they have peek-a-boo cut-outs and designs, fun patterns, allowing me to feel sexy and stylish, yet still covered too. It's a great balance.

Even better, you can order via Amazon, so super easy and returnable. Not able to resist, I went nuts and ordered six to try on and then sent two back that didn't fit. I tried them out Mother's Day weekend at Disney's Vero Beach Resort and didn't feel just like a mom by the pool for a change, but a cool mom in a kick-ass suit, haha!

Cupshe Fashion One-Shoulder Swimsuit 

I love this color blocking, one-shoulder bathing suit. The cut-out sections are quite high so reveal the rib area and not your stomach. The material is ribbed and the white isn't see through either. It also has padding in the cups. I feel so fierce in it and yet not in a bikini or a boring one-piece either. 

Cupshe one-shoulder color-blocking one piece swimsuit

Cupshe Fashion Women's Double-Layered Padding One-Piece Swimsuit, Green

How fun is this twist knot in the middle? Again, the cut-out sections are quite high so reveal the rib area, not your stomach. Yet, still draws the eye. I also liked that I could tie it tighter in the back and the openness of the back for sunbathing too.

Cupshe Fashion Flowery Halter One-Piece Swimsuit Beach Swimwear Bathing Suit

First of all, halter suits that you can tie yourself are key for those with bigger boobs. This way, you can adjust and secure as needed. This suit also has padding in the cups for comfort and coverage. Despite the sweet flowery pattern though, this has a daring cleavage that plunges low! More daring than I've gone before and the open back just feels risky and sexy too. I did NOT take this one to the Disney resort, lol. No, I'm saving this suit for a beach day with adults.

Cupshe Flower Halter Bathing suit One Piececupshe flower halter one piece bathing suit

CUPSHE Women's in The Forest One-Piece Swimsuit 

I had bought a similar leaf print at the LOFT for much more and it wasn't as flattering either. Out of all these styles, this one provides the most coverage of the stomach area. There is an opening on the back, but nice and high. 

Cupshe Fashion Women's Pineapple High-Waisted Halter Bikini Set

Wait, but this one is a bikini! Yes, but because it's so high-waisted it didn't feel like a bikini. It sits way over your belly button even and the top provides a lot of coverage as well. It was more like a tankini and it allowed me to be brave and bare a bit of my stomach without feeling self-conscious either. It was kind of liberating for me actually. I also liked the old pin-up 50s look of it and I love all things pineapple 🍍

Behind-the-Scenes Blogger Moment, LOL

More Cupshe fashionable one-piece bathing suit designs:


Fashionable One-Piece Bathing Suits Under $30

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Spring Offerings at BRAVO Cucina Italiana

BRAVO Cucina Italiana is a “polished casual” restaurant offering classic Italian food 

The Perfect Girl's Night Out or Date Night

Spring is the ideal time to try something new, and BRAVO Cucina Italiana at the Mercato in Naples, Florida is offering a “you pick two” promotion now thru Sunday, June 17, 2018.

Pick Two Meal: Pasta Bravo & Mama’s Lasagna Bolognese

Can’t Decide What to Order? Have Both!

Picky and indecisive guests like me will have the opportunity to choose two of BRAVO’s classic Italian dishes and receive a half portion of each. It's a twofer! And although it's only a half portion, I couldn't finish either dish, so still had leftovers to spare. This deal includes a choice of soup or salad too starting at $14.99 during lunch and only $17.99 during dinner. Such an affordable, yummy and classy night out! 
  • Pasta Woozie: Grilled chicken, fettuccine, alfredo, spinach
  • Pasta BRAVO: Grilled chicken, mushrooms, rigatoni, roasted red pepper cream
  • Shrimp Fra Diavolo: Spicy tomato cream sauce, campanelle pasta, shrimp
  • Chicken Parmesan: Pomodoro, mozzarella, herb linguine
  • Mama’s Lasagna Bolognese: BRAVO’s signature meat sauce, alfredo, ricotta, mozzarella

Don't Forget Drinks & Dessert

The new seasonal dessert features, a Warm Berry Cake; as well as seasonal cocktails, including the Strawberry Fizz, Strawberry Mango Cosmo, and Strawberry Basil Smash. Um, we might have tried all of the above. Sorry, not sorry!

Seasonal Cocktails at BRAVO Cucina

Get $25 Offer

There is also BRAVO’s spring gift card promotion offering an ideal and easy gift for moms, dads and grads! For every $100 in gift cards purchased, guests will receive a free $25 bonus card. The spring gift card promotion is available for purchase in BRAVO restaurants and online.  

Girl's Night Out at BRAVO Cucina

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Afternoon Tea in Southwest Florida

High Tea Rooms in SWFL

Wisteria Tea Room, Fort Myers

A charming tea room in downtown Ft. Myers housed in a 1919 bungalow offers afternoon tea from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily except Sundays. Reservations are highly recommended, especially during season (Jan-April). What I really enjoyed is the tea selection and the fact that it's bottomless tea, so that you can try different flavors and not stick with just one tea choice. 2512 Second St, Fort Myers, FL 33901

Enjoying afternoon tea at Wisteria Tea Room in Fort Myers

Brambles Tea Room, Naples

Named after a teddy bear, this English Tea Room and Gift Shop on 5th Avenue South in Downtown Naples was established in 1995 and has become an enduring local tradition. This hidden gem is tucked down a landscaped passageway called “Rue de Fleur” with a Lion water fountain, flowered window boxes and beautiful ornamental garden accents between Fidelity Investments and English Traditions. Their afternoon tea is served daily Monday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Reservations are not required, but during the months of January through March, it is highly suggested to make one just in case. 340 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

Brambles Tea Room Naples FloridaBrambles Tea Room Naples Florida Entrance

Audrey's Tea Room, Naples

Alongside Audrey's Attic, a high-end thrift store in Naples, there is also a sweet tea shop -- "Tea With Me at Audrey's." Here you can enjoy a traditional English afternoon tea, a light lunch, coffee, cakes, and scones in an unpretentious setting. Audrey's is closed during the summer. 985 5th Ave N, Naples, FL 34102

Afternoon tea break in Naples, FL at Tea With Me At Audrey's

Norman Love Confections, Fort Myers

The famous chocolatier Norman Love recently introduced a traditional afternoon tea at his Norman Love Confections’ McGregor Chocolate and Dessert Salon location (13261 McGregor Blvd., Suite 105, Ft. Myers, FL). Available on Friday and Saturday afternoons by appointment only (call 239-672-8797), guests can choose the Afternoon Tea Special featuring bottomless cups of Tea Forte tea and a three-tiered array of tea sandwiches and tea breads, pastries, tartlets and a fresh scone with fruit preserves and Devonshire cream, available for $32 per person. Or you can splurge and go with the Royal Tea Special, which features all of the above as well as a glass of champagne, offered for $38 per person. Space is limited.

Afternoon Tea in Southwest Florida - Guide to Naples and Fort Myers, FL tea shops
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