4 Of the Best Weekend Getaways Within Six Hours of NYC

It’s not challenging to see why New York City is one of the most desirable getaways for tourists all around the globe, with its bright lights, never-ending entertainment, dazzling shopping experiences, iconic tourist traps, drool-worthy All-American cuisine, and much more. Yet, when you’re lucky enough to call one of the most prominent bucket-list vacation destinations home, where do you go to escape? With three international airports nearby, the options are endless.

Fortunately, whether you’re a beach-lover or a city-lover through and through, The Big Apple is close to various travel destinations for New Yorkers to choose between. All within six hours of the city, prospective holiday-goers can treat themselves to a shopping spree in Washington DC by catching an NYC to DC train in less than three hours or exploring a Mayan ruin in Tulum, Mexico, by hopping on a four-hour flight.

Yet, if you’re not a born and bred New Yorker, you might wonder which weekend getaways are the most popular for inspiring relaxation, comfort, and family time. Therefore, we’ve created this blog post outlining several of the best holiday destinations for New Yorkers without having to stray too far from The Big Apple itself. Covering The Bahamas to Iceland, keep reading to find out the top destinations on our list.

Rainbow Street in Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland 

So long as you book far in advance, you can find direct flights to Reykjavik, which can get you out of the city in less than five and a half hours. Although Iceland might not be top of everyone's holiday bucket list, it is one of the most unique destinations you could ever hope to visit, so long as you’re willing to trade the New York weather for even unrulier weather!

If you’re looking at getting down on one knee or want to get out of the city for a while, Iceland is an excellent getaway experience for New Yorkers since you can explore just about a little bit of everything. Whether you’d like to visit one of the many Game of Thrones filming locations or take in some of the natural wonders of the world, like the Northern Lights or the Blue Lagoon hot spring – there is something for all kinds of travelers in Iceland.

A five-and-a-half-hour flight will feel like nothing when the natural beauty surrounds you that Iceland calls home. And it will undoubtedly give you a much-deserved break from the heavily populated New York streets! Come to the end of your trip; you will be dragging your feet as you board your return flight or sitting in a local beer house toasting ‘skål’’ because you’ve extended your trip!

Washington DC, United States

If you’re a city-lover through and through, you need not look very far from The Big Apple itself – only three hours by an NYC to DC train to be exact! Just three hours from NYC lies Washington DC, another of America’s most recognized cities.

Much more than a political powerhouse, Washington, DC, is a city vibrant enough to (almost?) rival NYC with its jaw-dropping history, fascinating culture, mouth-watering food scene, splendid arts scene, iconic attractions, and much more.

Whether you’re drawn to Washington DC for its vibrant brewing scene and would like to tour one of the many distilleries, or if you’d like to gawk at some of the state’s top-rated tourist attractions like the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument – there is no shortage of things to do in this city.

Another benefit of having a weekend getaway in Washington, DC, is that if you’re from New York, all travel will be inter-state, and you can choose from various transport options from bus, plane, or train to get there. To keep costs down, you could pass on the plane tickets and consider catching an Acela train from NYC to DC using travel metasearch engines like Wanderu. With tickets starting at as little as $22, catching an NYC to DC train can take much stress off your journey since it offers more flexibility (and cost-effectiveness!) than plane rides.

The Bahamas 

If you’re a beach-lover and want your next weekend getaway to be a tropical paradise, the next time you want a break from New York, consider heading to one of the seven-hundred islands in The Bahamas. For many potential tourists, the Tiffany-blue waters and golden sandy beaches are enough reason to head to one of the many isles and crays of The Bahamas. But don’t let its stunning appearance fool you! The Bahamas has much more to offer than it looks, with loads of walking trails, national parks, swimming pigs and some of the best diving spots in the entire world.

Whether you’d like to soak away the stresses of day-to-day life while lying on one of the many beaches that The Bahamas calls home, or if you’re a foodie and are dying to get your hands (and mouth!) on some of the country’s delicious Bahamian food – you can find many activities to do.

Fortunately, in just a short three-hour plane ride from New York to Nassau, you could be doing one of the many activities that The Bahamas offers, and with flights starting at $103 for a one-way trip, you’d be wishing that you’d realized how close the sandy beaches of The Bahamas was from New York City ages ago! If you do go, here are Six Things To Do In Exuma

Tulum, Mexico 

Keeping with our last weekend getaway suggestion (because who doesn’t love tropical getaways?) and featuring Tulum, Mexico, on our list. When you think of Mexico, you instantly think of white-sand beaches, fascinating Mayan ruins, exotic wildlife encounters, gorgeous climates, cenote caves, and much more.

Cenote Diving in Tulum, Quintana Roo

Like The Bahamas, Mexico offers much more than just aesthetics, whether you’re always thirsting for your next adventure and would like to spend a couple of days exploring the most-popular Mayan ruins in Tulum or are more laidback and would like to spend your time (quite literally!) laid back on the beach – we guarantee that Tulum has something for everyone to enjoy.

And with it being only a four-hour flight from New York to Cancun, then a one-hour drive down south to Tulum, it isn’t far from New York. So, you needn’t have to worry about being too far from home, and instead enjoy your weekend getaway knowing that it won’t take ages to get back home when your time to return comes!

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