New Cookbook: Best of Kosher

The world’s top Kosher cookbook authors have come together to create the greatest collection of Kosher recipes in one book, Best of Kosher (Nov. 15, 2022)  From finding the perfect recipe for a Shabbat dinner to holiday celebrations, Best of Kosher provides recipes for any occasion or holiday. No matter whether you cook Kosher or not, their unique spin on traditional recipes will delight any foodie. 

This new cookbook features some of the most popular kosher recipes from over 15 of your favorite kosher cookbook authors including: Chanie Apfelbaum, Between Carpools, Miriam (Pascal) Cohen, Victoria Dwek, Susie Fishbein, Rivky Kleiman, Sina Mizrahi, Renee Muller, Naomi Nachman, Danielle Renov, Daniella Silver, Leah Schapira, and Rorie Weisberg. The book also provides background on the authors, their behind-the-scenes stories, and fun facts you didn’t know about them.  

The hardcover book itself is gorgeous too with a linen textured binding and beautiful photographs, making it a wonderful holiday present or housewarming gift for just $39.99.

Best of Kosher
 features 130 recipes, including 45 brand-new ones, each beautifully photographed in this 320-page collection. 
Among the recipes are:
  • Honey-Lime Nut Salad by Rivky Kleiman
  • Crock-Pot Onion and Flanken Soup by Naomi Nachman
  • Yemenite Beef Soup by Susie Fishbein
  • Crispy Salmon Poppers by Danielle Renov
  • Sea Bass with Corn Cream by Victoria Dwek
  • Everything Bagel Tuna Patties by Chanie Apfelbaum
  • Crock-Pot Brown Sugar Beer Chicken by Miriam Pascal Cohen
  • Sweet Chili Chicken Sandwiches by Leah Schapira
  • Smoked Short Rib Tacos by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek
  • Skirt Steak with Tahini Herb Sauce by Daniella Silver
  • Maple Bourbon Brisket by Sina Mizrahi
  • One Pot No-Cream Fettuccine Alfredo by Between Carpools
  • Babka Straws by Chanie Apfelbaum
  • Irresistible Chocolate Pecan Bars by Renee Muller
  • Decadent Choco-Superfood Squares by Rorie Weisberg

This fall, try this easy and delicious recipe.

Bakery-Style Chocolate Muffins

by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that I bake … a lot. There aren’t many baked goods that I’ll see in a bakery that I’ll want to buy vs. make myself. But for some reason (I don’t really know why!), bakery muffins, with their high domed tops, have always tempted me. Ironically, muffins are among the easiest baked goods to make, so I was determined to make a version at home that is as tempting as the ones you’ll find at a bakery.


         3     eggs

        ¾ cup    oil

    1½ cups    sugar

          1 tsp    vanilla extract

          1 tsp    baking powder

          1 tsp    baking soda

         ½ tsp    sea salt

      2⁄3 cup    cocoa powder

       2 cups    flour

         1 cup    buttermilk or 1 cup non-dairy buttermilk substitute (see Tip!) 

            9 oz     chocolate chunks or chips


Preheat oven to 350°F. Line muffin pans with paper liners; set aside.

In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together eggs, oil, sugar, vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, and salt until combined.

Add cocoa powder, flour, and buttermilk. Stir until combined.

Add most of the chocolate chunks to the batter, stirring to combine.

Fill muffin pans until almost full. Sprinkle reserved chocolate chunks over the top.

Bake for about 20 minutes, until the top feels set.

Tip: In place of chocolate chips or chunks, chop up a bar of your favorite high-quality chocolate to enhance the flavors in this muffin.

Yield 18 muffins    

Thank you Mesorah Publications Ltd. for letting me share the following recipes from Best of Kosher here. Photographs by Esti Waldman.

Best of Kosher Cookbook's Bakery-Style Chocolate Muffins Recipe by Miriam (Pascal) CohenCookbook Review: Best of Kosher Recipes Hardcover

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