How To Give Thoughtful Gifts To People

One of the most difficult aspects of gift giving is finding something that is valuable and wonderful for somebody else. This is because what holds more value and greatness to you and what is going on in your head as a gift giver may be quite different from what a present receiver is thinking or expecting. 

Here are great tips for giving thoughtful gifts. Read on!

8 Tips For Giving A Thoughtful Gift To People

1. Gift What They Need 

Gifting a person with something they need at the exact time is so thoughtful. The recipient will feel that you're thinking about them and are aware of what's happening in their life at that moment. For example, if you're gifting new parents, you can organize, schedule, and pay for a professional photoshoot with their newborn. These family photos are a lifelong treasured memory that's just thoughtfully perfect. For more creative options, you can checkout 

And if your parents have been dreaming and saving up to travel to a certain destination, you could surprise them with an all-paid expense trip to that place. This is one of the best parent Christmas gift ideas you can consider.

2. Gift An Experience 

Giving the gift of an experience is often more meaningful than giving a person material things. You can gift them with a snorkeling session, a couples massage, a skydiving date, or a special dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Consider experiences that will startle and thrill the recipient since they are likely to leave a lasting memory.

3. Focus On Creating A Sense Of Connection 

Humans have an innate yearning for connection with others. And this is where handmade/homemade gift crafts come to your rescue. A handmade present provides the recipient with a connection beyond the gift's usage and versatility. If they can visualize and imagine where and how the item was specially handcrafted, they will feel more connected to it.

People have a relationship with the items with which they connect to, and understanding where the origin of the gift deepens this connection. If you're not creative enough to DIY an item, you can go ahead and buy from brands your recipient adores. It could be a custom-made designer bag or shoe, depending on what tickles their fancy.

4. Find Out What They Value 

Make the present more personal by sitting down and establishing a list of the recipient's hobbies, preferences, and what they value most. Make a list of the specific objects or experiences the person has ever shared with you and narrow it down to what is appropriate at that time. Consider the person's personality type to assist you in determining what type of indoor or outdoor experience is ideal for them.

You can also learn about their interests. If the recipient enjoys gardening, consider sending gardening journals, sprinklers, and assorted plant seeds as gifts.

If your friend loves spending their downtime watching football, you can give them premium tickets to a match featuring their favorite team and players.

5. Make The Recipient Feel Known 

To know your recipient better and give thoughtful presents, begin by asking great questions and paying close attention to their replies.

What do they do with their free time? What films do they like? What's their dream holiday destination? Do they have previous passions that have cooled or new pastimes that they've discovered? What restaurant or spa would they love to visit if they have a full day for themselves?

This is definitely a barrage of queries, and it's not wise to bombard them all at once. You can consider asking one or two questions randomly and keeping a record of their responses for the purpose of wonderful gift-giving!

The more you learn about the replies to these kinds of inquiries, the better ideas you will have for getting great presents. The thoughtful presents, no matter how big or tiny, are valuable because they show the receiver that they are acknowledged, loved, and valued.

6. Gift Intentionally From The Heart 

Gifts that involve a significant amount of work, such as something handcrafted or that took you a long time to outsource, can be valuable ways for you to communicate exactly how much you care symbolically.

A thoughtful gift should ideally correspond to what the recipient desires.

Gifting from the heart can also take the shape of meaningful presents. You shouldn't be afraid of sentimentality since receivers respect gifts with emotional significance.

When in doubt, put together a diverse portfolio of presents. You may give someone something you know they'll appreciate, either because you enquired directly from them or because you secretly stole the idea from their wish list, and then augment that with a more meaningful gift.

7. Gift Your Time 

As part of the gift, provide your time. Offer to give your recipient your time if they're frequently anxious, overworked, or going through a difficult moment. You can do this by mowing their lawn for a week or by bringing their children out for the day so they can have some alone time. Giving your time may also benefit those with physical or mental problems, as you might offer to take them out to dinner and help them for the night or run a couple of errands for them that they would be unable to complete on their own.

8. Gift Creatively 

Get creative with your gift-giving. Instead of just handing the present to the recipient, go creative and make the gift-giving task fascinating. Send the recipient on a treasure quest to discover their gift, or plant a hidden message in the recipient's favorite book for them to decipher to find the gift.

You might even place the present somewhere they might not think to find one and let them be surprised. Being inventive in how you give the present might increase the receiver's enthusiasm and make their encounter with getting the gift much more enjoyable.


Gifting is not always about the size of the gift or how much it costs. The gift you give must be thoughtful and worth it all the way! Worth the effort, materials, and time. There are plenty of other ideas for meaningful presents for everyone in your life. I hope some of these tips have inspired you to be a more thoughtful gifter.

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