2020 Holiday Toys for Active Boys

If you're a boy mom, parent or grandma, you know they have lots of energy and crave gifts that engage all their motor skills. 

Here are the must-have items according to my twin 8-year-olds, all parent-approved too!

Holiday Toys for Active Boys Gift Guide

Zax - The Foam Throwing Axe 

Axe Throwing is an increasingly popular activity, and now kids can join in on the fun with their own version that is safe to use! 

From Zing Toys this toy brings the trend of axe throwing competitions home safely with suction cups. These stick to almost any surface - indoor and out without leaving a mark. The handles are made of foam and are lightweight and easy to throw with accuracy. 


SWAGGER SK 1 Kick-to-Start Electric Scooter

Designed for ages 5 and up, the SWAGGER SK1 provides the excitement of an electric scooter, but with the control of a kick scooter. It's not as dangerous as it sounds, because unlike my adult electric scooter this doesn't start with an accelerator, but with a child kicking and controlling it like a traditional scooter. It only goes up to 6 MPH too, providing enough fun for them, but also safer than higher speeds. The simple control are also easy to use.

Another plus is that it grows with your child. Simply raise the adjustable stem so that their SWAGGER can grow with them. Available in a bright red or pink for $89.99.

Active Chairs

This line of bright-colored stools and storage will change the way your child sits. The Active Chair, often referred to as the wobbly chair, does just that -- wobbles with your child. This not only improves spinal positioning, muscle stimulation and better posture, but it helps keep their attention laser-focused which is vital for learning. Great seats for virtual learning or doing homework after school. My kids also sit on it to watch TV or play on their devices - way better than them slouching while doing so. 

Great for children with ADD, ADHD and short attention spans. Best of all, it comes in several sizes and colors for just $34.99+ each. 

Just Dance 2021 for Nintendo Switch

When my sons received Just Dance 2019 for their Nintendo Switch as a birthday gift, I was afraid it wouldn't interest them. I wrongly assumed it was just for girls. "Boy" was I wrong! 

They love playing it. In fact, we all do as a family, even Nana joins in. It's so much fun and it gets them us all up and moving and grooving. They will play it directly from the Switch console by themselves or we connect it to the TV for some big-screen action and family fun.

I'm so excited to see their faces when they unwrap Just Dance 2021 this X-Mas, especially since Logan's favorite song "Blinding Lights' by The Weekend is in this volume. Meanwhile, I'm excited to attempt Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now." 

NASCAR Crash Circuit

From Far Out Toys this track system lets kids race, wreck, and rebuild! Get ready for insane speed and colossal crashes – where car parts fly apart on impact! Then, easily snap them back together for continuous racing. One charge provides enough power for up to 30 laps without needing to refuel as it zooms across the circular track. It comes with two cars, but additional vehicles and track pieces can be purchased. 

Kids do not have to be NASCAR fans to enjoy this set either. Mine have never watched a race, but they loved seeing the cards speed across the track. Available at Amazon and Best Buy. Age 5+ 

Travel-friendly Minecraft puzzle

How do you keep active boys busy while traveling? Easy thanks to this Minecraft magnetic travel puzzle game book.

My boys are obsessed with Minecraft. They seriously talk about it non-stop, which is why I was excited to learn about this self-contained game to play with 40 increasingly difficult challenges. The best thing about this toy is that it combines the STEM benefits of Minecraft, but also gets them off the screen at the same time. So, if you have a lil Minecraft fan they will be delighted with this logical deduction game set for ages 8+. 

Fun Fort Building Kits 

Fun Forts Building Kit from Power Your Fun has earned the STEM.org Authenticated Trustmark from STEM.org and it's easy to see why. Put together the connecting rods and spheres to create imaginative shapes. It comes with a building guide too for inspiration. They have a glow-in-the-dark version too! 

Throw over a blanket to transform your Fun Forts into a tunnel, tent, or playhouse. Best of all, it's easy to assemble, and also easy to clean up too. While the creations can be large, it easily comes apart and fits in a slim box with a convenient carry handle.

My boys love building and creating hideouts and secret spots, so this is the perfect indoors, hands-on activity to keep them busy for hours. 

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