Buying a Timeshare vs. Vacation Rentals

The most significant expense when planning your vacation will be the accommodations. Factoring in needs versus wants for the entire crew is possible but will take some finagling. So, let's dive into vacationing choices, buying a timeshare versus vacation rentals- which option is better?

Many travelers claim consistent quality and comfort offered by Marriott vacation club international resorts, making them a preferred choice for memorable vacations worldwide, but there are other options that we will discuss.

While everyone can agree that a spacious retreat is important, nobody wants to be squished into tiny room; there are other things to consider. Do you want a condo in a private golf community? Is a sprawling beach home with a pool and view of the ocean essential? Even though you may get input from everyone, it really comes down to your budget.

The Connection Between Wellness and Vacations

Did you know that about 40% of American employees don't use all their vacation time? Some may think it's better to be paid out for accrued time at the end of the year. They do not realize that there are significant physical and mental health benefits that come from vacation. Traveling to somewhere new can help improve our wellbeing. 

The risk of heart disease decreases as stress and anxiety are released from the body. Feeling more connected to nature isn't just something we say. In fact, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, standing barefoot in the grass or sand grounds us to the Earth. Allowing our planet's negative electrons to flow through us, likely neutralizing free radicals in our body and thereby reducing acute and chronic inflammation.

Taking even a short trip away from the daily grind improves mental clarity, brain function, and plays a part in finding the motivation to achieve goals. Having something positive to look forward to in life is a happiness factor. The act of planning out your vacation increases happiness.

The myth of a work-life balance is fading as new generations of digital creators are finding their work more satisfying. Does this mean you should vacation less? On the contrary, digital jobs are made to work abroad, combing the best of both worlds. The good vibes you bring back from a vacation will rub off on the people around you, improving your relationships.

Timeshare Ownership

Buying into a timeshare is a way for several people to share the usage of a particular type of unit during their assigned week(s) of the year. But, if you're hoping to own an investment property that will appreciate in value, then step away from the timeshare.

People are led to believe when they hand over their down payment to 'own' a timeshare; they're buying a tangible piece of the resort's property. Untrue. Instead, they are signing a contract for the usage of time at the property or exchange properties. Because of this reason, timeshares depreciate the moment you sign the contract. 

Selling your timeshare at a profit is not going to happen. However, there is always an option to cancel your timeshare should you decide not to use it anymore. You can ask assistance from timeshare cancellation company to make the process easier. Do timeshare cancellation companies work? Yes, they do. You just have to find a trusted and reliable company to make the process a success.

Renting is the Best Option- Here's Why

When you buy a timeshare, you are glued to the same vacation experience over and over until death do you part. The good news is that you can now rent those same condos whenever you'd like with zero restrictions by renting them and you can use your prorate rent calculator to calculate the prorated rent amount you must take during the total rent due.

Timeshare owners often put up their units for rent to recoup some of the ever-increasing expenses incurred with timeshare ownership. This means you'll have access to all the same resort amenities as the owners in the next room but for a fraction of the cost of ownership.


There's something to be said about the solitude of having an entire vacation home to yourself. Booking on sites like VRBO gives you a plethora of rental home choices. Try new things!


There is a great big world out there full of possibilities. Would you like to vacation at a Lakefront cabin and watch the sunrise while sitting on the porch? How about renting a mansion for a week in Tuscany. Timeshare ownership cannot offer you the freedom to choose.  

The Best Vacation Rental Sites

RedWeek is the largest timeshare rental site. Not only do owners post their units for rent, but so do the resorts, such as Hilton Grand Vacations and Marriot Vacation Club.

Honestly, the Armed Forces Vacation Club might be the last vacation rental site you ever use. The prices are incredible. Rent any timeshare, house, or resort condo for pennies on the dollar.

Yes, the same rental's others are paying tens of thousands of dollars to own. Read the AFVC Resources page to find out if you're eligible for their free membership.

What Disney Vacation Club Does Differently

If there is an exception to the typical timeshare company, it's Disney Vacation Club, which we own! 

  • DVC Members can vacation any time of year, even multiple times, as there are no assigned weeks. 
  • Members enjoy a 20% savings at ShopDisney
  • Disney Members can use their points to book stays at non-DVC properties. 
  • Memberships include access to vacation-planning advisors, Disney annual passes, and recreation, such as golf clinics.
  • Rooms geared toward younger children and families.

Note: If you purchase a Disney Vacation Club Membership from a third party after January 19, 2019, you would not be able to make Vacation Point reservations at some or all non-Home Resorts.

Did you know that Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort is now an official Walt Disney World® Hotel? We stayed there twice. But why own at Wyndham's one official Disney location when you can have access to the entire Disney line? 

Linx Legal Cares 

If you'd like to know how to get out of your Wyndham timeshare (or any timeshare) contact Linx Legal. Then you can buy into a Disney Vacation Membership or take back the freedom to choose how you vacation. Linx Legal is rated A+ for customer success with the Better Busines Bureau. Over 98% of their clients have successfully got rid of their timeshare safely and legally.

The bottom line is that self-care is especially important for your wellbeing. Take time off from the stressors of life and get back to living. The perspective you get from time away helps us return rejuvenated to be the best version of yourself.

Buying a Timeshare vs. Vacation Rentals

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