Best Social Distancing Masks for Kids

Best Social Distancing Masks For Children

Along with the typical school gear and back-to-school clothes, this year's must-have school item for 2020 is a COVID mask. 

With our twin boys going to school five days a week for face-to-face learning, we knew we needed a minimum of 10 reliable masks, two each day. So, we stocked up with a collection of children's masks for our boys' safety as they start the new school year. 

However, we soon discovered that NOT all masks are created equal. What works for adults may not work for little child faces and their needs. Some masks that we purchased would pull on their ears, leave a mark on their noses or fall off two easily. Some were too hot and itchy for Florida heat and for them to wear all day long too. 

After trial and error, we, fortunately, found our favorites though. You'll notice that most of these are from companies that specialize in baby products, thus already with the mindset of what works for younger generations.

Best Social Distancing Masks For Children 2020:

I love the soft fabric quality, breathability and fit of BooginHead's ADJUSTABLE social distancing masks. Instead of one size fits all, you can shorten or lengthen the ear loops with adjustable silicone toggle for a comfortable fit on any face shape. The silky soft-yet-strong loops stay over the ears without pulling too. 

This fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex, making it super absorbent and comfortably stretchy. It is wonderfully soft and breathable, and the Masks are cut and sewn with a structured 3-dimensional design and contour for improved airflow with no metal struts to pinch. Plus, two layers for better protection yet doesn't feel heavy. There is also an opening to insert a carbon filter if desired. 

Made with the same beautiful fabrics, BooginHead Adjustable Face Masks are available in both adult and youth sizes on and The whole family can match even! Also, being a twin mom, I appreciated that they are sold in 2-Packs. 

Also, with each purchase of a mask on, BooginHead will be giving back 10% of all proceeds to COVID-19 aid organizations both locally and nationwide. 


In March, SwaddleDesigns converted its Seattle baby blanket factory to make face masks. Not only is the founder an artist and designer, but also an RN. Made from 2-layers of double-napped cotton flannel, these non-medical Cotton Flannel Masks yield better particle filtration effectiveness than cloth masks made using cotton knit, cotton muslin, gauze, and polyester fleece fabrics. 

The double-napped cotton flannel increases the degree of randomness and enhances filtration effectiveness. NEWS: Florida Atlantic University Lab Validates SwaddleDesigns Masks Provide Superior Protection.

I found that they fit my boys' little faces well and that the soft pastel colors are adorable. 

Best of all, these Made in the USA face masks are on sale for the low price of $4.99. 

School Mask Pack

Like the old school day-of-the-week underwear, I love that this is a hassle-free pack of 5 daily color-coded reusable masks that come in a mesh laundry bag for easy cleaning at the end of the week. Just toss into the laundry machine. 

Also important is the adjustable ear straps to securely fit a wide variety of face shapes and ages. While they have Crayola-themed ones I chose the solid designs. 

Available in sizes for kids 3-11 and adults 12+.

Favorite Parent Approved Distancing Masks for Kids

Favorite Parent Approved Distancing Masks for Kids

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