How to get the perfect summer tan

September is starting and still many people are about to go on holidays. Luckily, while it is soon autumn in some areas of the country, summer is still here in Florida and for many others. A trip to a country where the sun is shining can easily make the holidays better and help those who want to look fantastic with a glamorous tan. Despite wishing it, some people can’t achieve the perfect skin tone either because they get burned or the skin doesn’t help the process.

It's important to get yourself ready before going to the beach and follow these 7 steps to help you reaching the tan to make your friends jealous ;)

7 Steps to the Perfect Tan 

1. Exfoliation is the first step 

For a long-lasting deep tan, exfoliation is the first step to be followed. Exfoliating your skin will remove the dead cells which can prevent a uniform tan. A few days before you start to be exposed to the sun, start doing it so your skin gets a good clean. Exfoliating gloves, brushes, body scrubs, and non-chemical products are options to take into account. Hydrating the skin after showering is equally important.

2. You are what you eat 

The food you eat plays an important role in your tanning process. Eating certain kinds of vegetables have been proven to help your skin from the inside. Betacarotene and lycopene are components of vegetables that can increase your skin’s protection to UV rays and make your tint a bit more orange. Eat plenty of tomatoes and carrots. Preparing skin from within is mandatory.

3. Fake tan to start 

If you look like a white feather at the beach and you dislike it, there is no problem in cheating a little bit. Use tanning lotions a weak ahead of starting to be truly exposed to the sun and let it act in your skin. At least you won’t be so white for the first time you go to the beach. However, make sure you are always protected against the sun since some tan lotions don’t offer any protection as the sunscreen does. Having a good looking tan doesn’t mean being reckless about the need for sunscreen.

4. Natural oils 

Use natural oils to achieve a deeper tan while protecting your skin. The sun is the number one enemy of skin aging. Consequently, it is mandatory to protect the skin against it. The best oils to use are coconut, olive oil, hazelnut, sunflower, and sesame oil. These oils help you to get a golden glow while they stimulate the skin’s elasticity and keeps it hydrated and moisturized. The proper way to use these is to apply it on the skin at least 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun. On top of the oils, don’t forget to apply the sunscreen.

Right after everything, make sure to cleanse your face with an organic oil-based facial cleanser to remove all the sunscreen and other products you applied completely. Facial cleansing oils excel at removing waterproof and oil-based products and cleansing impurities while protecting the skin’s natural lipid layer and keeping the skin hydrated.

5. Expose your skin progressively 

If you first expose yourself in a reckless way, you will more likely look like a lobster than with a human being with a glamorous tan. After your skin will start to peel and the snake stage comes. Leave these animals alone and focus on achieving the tan in a progressive way. Make numerous short tanning sessions and take breaks in the shadow. Let your skin cool down for a while. By doing do, you are also reducing the damages that the sun can provoke on your skin. Drink water, eat fruits and reapply sunscreen.

6. Daily tan limit 

Your body can tan for two, a maximum of three hours a day. If you expose yourself longer than this period, lobster alert! At some point, your skin stops producing melanin and your job is done for the day. Don’t make any bets with the capacities of your skin. The human body needs daily regeneration.

7. Change position often 

For a uniform tan, there is nothing better than changing position often while sitting under the sun. The sun will reach every part of your body and you will have a consistent tan on your skin.

Follow these tips during your beach holidays and be responsible for your health while getting the tan that you will be envied for. Happy sun day! :)

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