Wipe Out Breast Cancer with Pink Wiper Blades

I partnered with Valvoline Instant Oil Change for this project, however, opinions here are my own. 
Valvoline Instant Oil Change Service in Estero, FL

Wipe Out Breast Cancer

October is, of course, Breast Cancer Awareness Month ... and when football players wear pink uniforms. While the pink ribbon might have become ubiquitous now, it's important we not forget that it represents an important cause and a reality that impacts many families.

I'm honored to be showing my support daily for Breast Cancer Awareness with AutoTex PINK Wipers on my car.

Say what? Yup, you read that right!

Participating Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) locations are selling special pink wiper blades throughout October with proceeds going to National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). You can choose from full Pink Wipers or Black Wipers with a small pink ribbon. Each swish of my wipers during rainy/hurricane season here in Florida is a reminder of this health issue.

AutoTex PINK Wipers at Valvoline 
VIOC has raised over $86,500 for NBCF through this campaign to date. To learn more and find a location selling pink wipers near you, visit viocpink.com. Also, If you do end up Pinking Your Ride, you can submit pics in the pink photo contest for a chance to win up to a year of FREE oil changes here.

Double Donation Day

On National Mammography Day October 19, VIOC is making a double donation on all wipers sold that day. So if you're in need of new blades go in on 10/19/18 to make an even bigger impact.

Valvoline Oil Change Coupon:

The most convenient part about a Valvoline Instant Oil Change was being able to blog right there in my car while they performed the service and checked out my car. I simply drove up to my local VIOC store without an appointment and was waved to an open lane, then directed forward like at a car wash, but for a drive-thru oil change instead.

Customers stay in their cars during the entire service making necessary car maintenance easy for busy people and moms since, the kids don’t have to get out of the car. The whole thing took about 15 minutes and that included my inside air filter changed, new blades, the tire pressure checked and put to the recommended requirements and my fluids topped off. They even reset the annoying Service alert on my dashboard! All why I sat there like a VIP.

Get a $10-$15 discount off of an instant oil change by printing the following Valvoline coupon (Wipers cannot be discounted because it would lower the donation amount):


  1. help cant find no pink wipers around the flint and saginaw michigan valvoline oil change place is there one some were????? i called there not selling this year

    1. It seems the owner of those stores is not participating this year :( for a list of states and locations that are go to: https://www.vioc.com/pink-wipers

    2. Guess what? You can order the blades on Amazon!! https://amzn.to/2BY2ucI

  2. Few women question, or have questioned, what's really behind the war on cancer and the endless calls for breast cancer awareness. Most people would be much smarter and better informed if they had awareness of what this movement or the war on cancer do NOT raise awareness about.

    Knowing that the most prominent cancer charities (Komen, American Cancer Society, etc) are large self-serving businesses instead of "charities" or that these groups suppress critical information on cancer, such as the known causes of cancer (instead they talk about "risk factors" of cancer) or that many "breast cancer survivors" are victims of harm instead of receivers of benefit, or that they've been intentionally misleading the ignorant public with deceptive cancer survival statistics, or that government health bodies such as the NIH are merely a pawns for corporate medicine, etc is a good start to get to the real truth (read this well referenced scholarly article's afterword on the war on cancer: do a search engine query for "A Mammogram Letter The British Medical Journal Censored" by a published author of the Orthomolecular Medicine News organization, and scroll down to the afterword that addresses the phony 'war on cancer').

    The recognition that breast cancer awareness was started by these business interests is another piece of the real awareness about the pink ribbon cult and the traditional war on cancer. Or that the orthodox cancer business has been denouncing, suppressing and squashing a number of very effective and beneficial alternative cancer approaches (instead they sold you the lie that only their highly profitable/expensive, toxic conventional cancer treatments are relevant). You probably guessed why: effective, safe, inexpensive cancer therapies are cutting into the astronomical profits of the medical mafia's lucrative treatments. That longstanding decadent activity is part of the fraud of the war on cancer.

    So, raising "awareness" about breast cancer or raising funds for the war on cancer have hardly any other function than to drive more unsuspecting people into getting more expensive and unnecessary tests (think mammography) and then, often, cancer treatments (chemo and radiation therapy).

    The reality is that the war on cancer has been and still is, by and large, a complete failure (read Dr. Guy Faguet's 'War on cancer," Dr. Sam Epstein's work, or Clifton Leaf's book on this bogus 'war').

    Since the war on cancer began orthodox medicine hasn't progressed in their basic highly profitable therapies: it still uses only highly toxic, deadly things like radiation, chemo, surgery, and drugs that have killed millions of people instead of the disease.

    As long as the official "war on cancer" is a HUGE BUSINESS based on expensive TREATMENTS/INTERVENTIONS of a disease instead of its PREVENTION, logically, they will never find a cure for cancer. The upcoming moonshot-war on cancer inventions, too, will include industry-profitable gene therapies of cancer treatment that are right in line with the erroneous working model of mechanistic reductionism of allopathic medicine. The lucrative game of the medical business is to endlessly "look for" a cure but not "find" a cure. Practically all resources in the phony 'war on cancer' are poured into treating cancer but almost none in the prevention of the disease. It's proof positive that big money and a total lack of ethics rule the official medical establishment.