Guide to the Instagram Walls of Disney World

No Fear of Missing Out Here!

Sure, it's fun to find the hidden Mickey's throughout the park, but how about the Disney Walls? I brought different changes of clothes and went on the hunt during my last trip.

What are Disney Walls? Disney fans with an Instagram account know the must-have shot at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom isn’t in front of the castle, but in front of these walls.

Each Disney park has their own photo wall standouts. Go find them all!

Guide to the Colorful Instagram Walls at Walt Disney World Parks

Guide to the Instagram Walls of Disney - Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom hidden photo spots

Magic Kingdom Instagram Walls

The Purple Wall

This is the wall that started it all! 

Located by the entrance of Tomorrow Land, guests started posing in front of it and it went viral from there. At first, it was a solid purple color, but then it got a space-age facelift with added lines and dots to look like a futuristic World Wide Web.

The purple wall is so famous it even has it’s own drink - the Purple Wall Slushy sold at the Tomorrowland Terrace for $5.99. Basically, it's a taro tea slush with tapioca Boba pearls (sometimes called bubble tea), whipped cream, and purple sprinkles that perfectly match the wall’s geometric purple design. Pose in front of it with this slushy for the win!

Candy Stripe Wall

Found inside The Main Street Confectionary Shop at the entrance of Magic Kingdom. Just go toward an empty corner and pose in front of this candy stripe pastel wallpaper. Better yet, grab a treat or two to pose with. 

Candy Stripe Wall found in the Confectionary on Main Street

Tangled Wall

My personal favorite! Outside the Fantasyland bathrooms, under the lanterns by Rapunzel's tower, you'll find this beautiful Tangled wall with the Princesses' sunburst drawings to pose in front of. Just ignore the people giving you weird looks as they exit the restroom, lol.

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For the guys, they can pose in front of the different Wanted signs on display too.

Never Land Wall

As you might expect, you can find the Never Land map wall in Fantasyland behind the Peter Pan ride. Make it a picture-perfect show with this I'm So Fly I Neverland tee ;)

Carousel of Progress Wall

At the Carousel of Progress ride, you'll find this monochromatic wall in Tomorrow Land. It's all different colors, so just pose in front of your favorite section.

Safety Tip: Disney Cast Member @ohitsajollyhollyday warns that the carousel turns though and how they don't want to see anyone hurt, so take the photo a little distance away!


Bubblegum Wall

Near the exit of Spaceship Earth.

Blueberry Wall

Just next to the Bubble Gum Wall you will see this blueberry colored wall for another selfie.

Toothpaste Wall

Back by the Nemo ride

Hollywood Studios

The new Toy Story Land, which is Andy's backyard, brings new colorful walls for guests to pose in front of. My friend Lisa at Fun Money Mom highlights all of the Toy Story Land walls and other cool things to spot in her post 10 1/2 COOL THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN TOY STORY LAND.

Block Wall

These colorful toy blocks can be found outside of the restrooms in Toy Story Land.

Andy's Wall

This photo backdrop can be found toward the back by the Alien Swirling Saucers.

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Popsicle Stick Wall

It's just that, made of giant pastel popsicle sticks.

Checkerboard Wall

There is also the Toy Story Checker Board Wall.

TIP: Don't forget the Giant Pixar Ball, while not a wall, it's just as photogenic.

I'm sure the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in 2019 will bring more out of this world walls to Hollywood Studios too. Hopefully, the force will be strong there!

Animal Kingdom

You Are Most Beautiful Wall

In Harambe Market (sort of hidden in a corner alley, but you'll likely find others looking for it too).

Mickey Fichwa Fellow wall 

You can also find this wall outside of Harambe Market, to the left of the entrance. In Swahili, “fichwa” means “hidden,” thus this is a hidden Mickey of sorts. 

More Disney Walls 

There are so many other great Instagram backdrops throughout Walt Disney World parks and resorts though. Start posing in front of them and make the next trendy spot!!

23 Disney World Walls That Are A Picture Perfect Backdrop

Which is your favorite Instagram wall at Walt Disney World?

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