My mom super power? Changing toilet paper rolls

Living with Boys

Being in a house with boys means I'll often sit down in the bathroom and after it's too late, I'll see this:

An empty toilet paper holder. Sometimes, they are nice and will leave a new roll sitting right next to the empty one and sometimes not at all. Ugh!

It baffles me that my husband can go and get a new roll, yet he simply can't do the next step of attaching it into place. Apparently, not having a Y chromosome makes me more capable of loading a new roll onto an empty toilet roll ring.

Never Run Out Again

Luckily, with Cottonelle Mega Rolls I'm replacing empty toilet paper rings less now since 1 Mega Roll = 4 Regular Rolls (comparing number of sheets to leading Ultra 77-ct. roll). It's the biggest Cottonelle roll ever. Simply visit your local Walmart and grab Cottonelle Mega Rolls so you never run out this summer!
New Cottonelle Mega 4-1 Rolls
We actually made the switch to Cottonelle paper and their flushable wipes a couple of years ago, so now we just look for the Mega Rolls at Walmart for extra coverage.

Even better, we utilize Walmart's Mobile Grocery Pickup and that way I don't even have to take the twins out of the car when grocery shopping, sweet! Click here to see if it's available in your area! Estero, Florida offers it :)

Designated Walmart Grocery Pickup parking spots

Extra $avings

Save $1 now on Cottonelle Mega Rolls at Walmart starting 6/28. Stock up and save!

Save $1 on Cottonelle - Stock up and Save

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