7 Cool Things to do at Orchard Supply

I recently attended the Noisiest Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Ever! Instead of snipping a traditional bow, Orchard Supply Hardware sawed a board in half to celebrate the grand opening of their 30,000 square foot store in Naples, Florida (3790 Tamiami Trail North). Video here.

The West Coast lifestyle hardware & garden retailer is now available in locations throughout Florida and I'm loving all it has to offer.

7 Cool Things To Do at Orchard Supply Hardware

1.  If you buy a plant and a pot at Orchard Supply Nursery they will help pot it for you at their Potting Bench! Love this convenience and my fingernails do too. The nursery has over 100 different plant varieties at any given time to choose from including herbs and spices. I bought some spearmint to plant in my yard.

2.  Get help for sick plants! I had an indoor Jade plant that started shedding it's plump leaves and a white film appeared on the branches. I thought maybe I was watering it too much and then maybe not enough. I moved it into the sun, I moved it out of the sunlight. No matter what I did, nothing helped. Fortunately, I brought my deteriorating plant with me to Orchard Supply and their gardening experts helped identify the real problem. The white fuzz webbing were actually microscopic Mealybugs. Eww! They recommended I spray their insecticide on it, repot it and wipe the pot clean inside and out.

3.  The Workbench has neighbors covered on day-to-day maintenance like re-screening, knife sharpening (I need to do this!) and key duplication services.

4.  The store also has a retro Sweet Shop with California's Red Vines and other treats and candies for purchase.

5.  There is an aisle called What-Cha-Ma-Callits in the Nuts & Bolts section, lol.

6.  Snag a FREE green apple 🍏   available for customers from their big wooden casks after checkout!

7.  Buy reasonable home furnishings. I fell in love with several decorative pieces and cushions available. I couldn't help but pick up the pineapple candle holder below as I'm mad about all things pineapple. 🍍 I also purchased a garden cat sculpture too.

7 Cool Things to do at Orchard Supply Hardware

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