VIP Insider Tips for the Disney Wonder Cruise

15 VIP Tips for the Disney Wonder 

VIP Tips for Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wonder

Download the Cruise App Prior to Boarding 

The Disney Cruise Line Navigator is a free app that helps you navigate the ship, see the ship schedule and text with your travel party while onboard. You'll be using this app often to message other passengers on board since it makes coordinating so much easier, plus the adorable Disney emojis! All of the functionalities will work once you are connected to the onboard wifi, but in the meantime, there is also a countdown clock for your trip.

Check-in Online for Earliest Boarding Time

Our first Disney cruise I had checked in online weeks in advance, but this time only several days before our trip. This was a mistake because by then the earliest available boarding time was 2 p.m. and we wanted to get on as soon as possible. So, to get the most of your time on the ship, check in online as soon as you are able to via the My Disney Cruise Line website. This site also allows you to schedule a character call with one of the characters welcoming everyone, which is really fun for the kids. BONUS TIP: Even though you may board around Noon, you still will not be able to go in your room until after 1:30 p.m., so be sure and bring a tote bag with pool gear or other items that you'll want handy before your luggage arrives.
Mickey Latte from the Cove Bar on board Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wonder
Order a Mickey Latte on the Disney Wonder

Order a Mickey Latte 

The Cove Cafe itself is a hidden gem for ordering cocktails without the lines and for getting your daily cup of coffee. Like a traditional gourmet coffee shop the options are endless, but if you want an Instagram-worthy pic, do request that the barista (Leyston) to add a Mickey shaped cinnamon sprinkle to your cappuccino or latte. Mine was definitely the envy of my friends! :)

Room Service Milk & Cookies

Room service itself is free and available 24/7. There is a menu in your room with a full list of options. This came in handy for an afternoon snack for our boys like Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. Also, a fun tradition we started was ordering cookies and milk before bed while watching whichever Disney movie was playing on the TV. (Sadly, the Wonder ship does not have the awesome On-Demand movie feature like the Disney Dream does).


If you imbibe and would like to save some money, bring your own. Each adult is allowed to bring 2 bottles of wine or champagne or 6 bottles of beer. Since this was only a 3-night cruise, we carried on two bottles of prosecco, another perk of not flying and worrying about ounces. Make sure that liquor is in your carry-on bag as you go through the cruise terminal for inspection. Do not check it in with your bags, as it will be confiscated and returned at the end of your trip. We opened our bottle on the balcony before dinner and ordered a cheese plate to be delivered to our room. See above about free room service!

Ask for the Drink of the Day 

Save a few bucks on a cocktail by ordering the Drink of the Day for just $4.75. Doesn't matter what it is, they are all great, but the Bahama Mama was my favorite.

Pack Door Decorations 

The cabin doors aboard Disney cruise lines are a work of art! Guests decorate their doors with photos and decorations of all kinds, including magnets with their names and favorite characters on them. It's fun to simply walk around see what others have done. To personalize our door we ordered this cute door magnet with each of our first names listed and I also added a shameless plug to my blog URL, lol. Another great thing about decorating your door is that it makes it easy for kids to spot their room. Stickers are not allowed.

Fish Extenders 

Also, order this fish extender hack that hangs from your room number if you chose to participate in the gift exchanges (all about that here).

Eat at Palo instead of Triton's 

Disney Cruise Line has an innovative rotational dining, where each night you are assigned a different sit-down restaurant to dine at. While we loved them all, Tiana's Place and Animator's Palate offered more entertainment and ambiance than Triton's, so I would recommend skipping Triton's in favor of the adult only restaurant Palo. However, there is an additional fee for dining at Palo - $30 per person or if you'd like the wine pairing dinner option it's more. We simply ordered wine a la carte though. It's so worth it though as the food is amazing! It's also nice to have an adult-only evening, so feed your kids first at the upstairs food court or one of the quick-serve options by the pool and then check them in for fun at the kids club (Oceaneer's Club). You can make your reservation ahead of time Online or once on board. Oh, and this is a formal dining experience, so no flip-flops or sneakers and guys must be in dress pants. We saw a man who had to leave to switch his shoes, so fair warning.

Schedule a Whiskey Tasting 

On the first day we saw a brief mention in the Navigator that read, Go to Guest Services to schedule a whiskey, vodka, margarita, tequila, wine or bourbon tastings. Since we were only on a 3-night/4-day sailing, not all the choices were available. However, the whiskey tasting was set for 10 p.m. one night for $25/per person. We purchased two tickets but later found out that it was the same time as the fireworks. Luckily, we were able to step out for five minutes and see the fireworks perfectly from the Cove Bar's deck. During the tasting, we received four generous pours of whiskey each from different brands and gained some general history of the liquor, the distilling process and other tasting tips along the way. We were even more fortunate to be the only two at the tasting, so it was like having a private course. Our instructor, Chris, was really knowledgeable and made the tasting even more enjoyable. Given that it's an hour-long class and the amount of alcohol provided, the nominal charge more than balances out. I'd highly recommend this hidden itinerary gem, so do ask guest services which night it will be offered.

Whiskey Tasting on board Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wonder
Whiskey Tasting on board the Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wonder

Line up Early for Frozen 

Frozen, A Musical Spectacular is the MUST SEE show at sea and only Disney's Wonder has it. My husband and I were both seriously impressed at the quality, singing and special effects of this stage show. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's at the same caliber as a Broadway show and I'm a New Yorker who grew up seeing musicals on Broadway. Each night the stage shows are crowded, but this performance had a line starting almost an hour prior to show time (doors open a half hour before), so get in line early. We let the boys stay in the kids club while we waited in the queue, then got them once my husband claimed seats. TIP: Sit in the first 15 rows if you'd like to have the snow actually fall on you and your family at the end of the show. We missed this experience by just three rows and my boys were really disappointed. Also, as you enter the theater be sure and snag the provided booster seats for smaller children, so they can sit more comfortably in their seats. Other parents would see ours and have to circle back to get them.

Frozen, A Musical Spectacular on Disney Wonder Cruise

Drink Juice from Sulley's Sips

Up on the pool deck, head to Sulley's Sips drink stand, which despite the Monster's Inc. name isn't just for kids. They also have some yummy frozen cocktails here, but we liked ordering the healthy Juice Tonic, which is a blend of fresh Apples, Bananas, Kale, Spinach, Chia seeds and Spirulina. We substituted coconut water in lieu of the ice cream to keep it even healthier.

Order a Juice Tonic for Sulley's Sips on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Embarkation Day WiFi Special 

Each passenger can get a free 50MB Internet Data Package Offer on their first day on board. Don't sign up for it though until you no longer have cell phone reception, then sign up and use the 50MB to send any last emails, post your embarkation photos, etc. 50MB goes fast. We took advantage of Grandma's too since she was in a different cabin. After that, you'll need to purchase a package or unplug for the rest of your trip.

Dance & Eat Hot Beignets at Tiana's Place 

Hot beignets are the must order dessert and treat on the ship! Just as good as the French Quarter. Also, be prepared to dance while dining here as the live jazz music and performances make for a lively dinner. My boys loved parading around the tables at the end of their meal with Louis the alligator, waitstaff and fellow passengers. Fun memories!

Dance & Order Hot Beignets at Tiana's Place on Disney Wonder

Bring Cash & Lanyards 

Yes, tips are already included in the daily occupancy rates, but we added an extra $5 bucks to each of our waitstaff envelopes and $10 for our Steward for our 3-night cruise. However, since cash isn't really needed on the ship since you can easily charge food and gifts to your account using your room key, we had to scramble to find change for tips. Thus, have some smaller bills on you for this purpose. Also, there is a post office on Castaway Cay that only takes cash and not room keys, so if you want to send a postcard, remember to pack a few bills in your beach tote. You may also want to pre-order Disney lanyards with a detachable coin purse to hold money and your room key. It's also great for kids, so they don't lose their key. I found it helpful too since I didn't wear or need a purse on the ship and my bathing suit and sundresses didn't have pockets.

Scuttle's Cove on Castaway Cay 

Some of the other families we met on the beach didn't realize that on Disney's private island Castaway Cay (pronounced key) there is a kids club where children can also be dropped off with sand and water play areas, called Scuttle's Cove. You can use this alone time to visit the adult only beach, Serenity Bay or try out the bigger water slides and island bar. We didn't leave the family beach this time but checked the kids into the club for an hour after lunch so they could run around before going back on the ship for nap time. Be prepared to hose them off after as they were super sandy! Also, as suggested in my below packing list, pack a sand shovel or two for the family beach or be prepared to buy some.

Video Tour of Disney Wonder Stateroom #7114:

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