Beaches Negril Family Vacation - Yah, Mon!

Just before Halloween, my family had the fun treat of heading to Jamaica for the 3rd annual Beaches Moms Social Media on the Sand conference, this time held at Beaches Resorts Negril. It was an amazing experience and I fear we have still not adjusted back to reality. After all, there's no baking with Cookie Monster at my son's preschool, nor are dinners and drinks available 24/7. *sigh*  I know, woe is me, lol. 

Although we often do Florida road trips with our boys, going international for five days is a bigger commitment when you have two unpredictable toddlers. However, from past experiences, we knew that Beaches Resorts would make traveling internationally with our twin preschoolers like a day at the beach (pun intended), so it was a no-brainer for all of us to go. 

The all-inclusive resort even includes a kids camp, called Camp Sesame, which we would utilize in the mornings so we could hit the beach and go kayaking or paddleboarding (also included) and then we'd all have lunch together and take the boys back to our room for nap time (yes, we still try to observe nap time when we travel). Also, one night we brought the boys to the camp too, so we could have an adult-only dinner at Kimonos hibachi steakhouse, just 1 of 9 included restaurants on the resort. 

Enough yada yada, I'll let our vacay photos and video do the rest of the talking: 

Doesn't this look like a brochure? I promise it's real and I took it - no filter!
Beaches Resorts Negril Family Vacation in Jamaica
Like mother like sons! Ordering free drinks at the swim-up bar ;)
Toes in the sand!

Off to Camp Sesame through this pretty walkway!

Making castles in the sand.

Brothers gotta build.
Sesame Street character breakfast with dad & friends!

With fellow Beaches Moms! 

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  1. Seriously, I need to get to Jamaica! The Caribbean Beach Party looks like it must have been a great time too! I love your picture's great family fun.

    Kim -