Why I started using fabric softener, are you?

Before the boys came into the picture, I would only do our laundry once a week ... if that, now every other day. Ugh!

Since I always used dryer sheets, I figured liquid fabric softener was redundant. However, I've now learned with the simple filling of a cap, you can say goodbye to stretching, fading, and pilling, giving your clothes a longer, happier life. Okay, no one told me this before.

Downy Fabric Conditioner also keeps your clothes fresher longer and reduces wrinkles better than using detergent alone. All via a simple pour into every load of laundry.

Apparently, during a ride around the washing machine, garments pull stretch and rub together. Downy conditions, strengthens, and lubricates each fiber to protect clothing from the friction and agitation of a typical washing cycle.

I'm also loving the fresh fragrance that it leaves behind on our clothes, especially on our towels and boys bathing trunks after a day spent at the beach or pool since it successfully rids the strong smells of salt water and chlorine. The boy enjoy sniffing the flowery soap scent right from the bottle too.

Planning on saving your child's clothes for possibly your next baby or planning to resell them?
Downy extends the life of fabric by keeping your clothes looking and feeling like you just picked then up from the store!

TIP: In addition to the protection Downy fabric conditioner offers, turning garments inside out, and washing soft fabrics like cotton on the gentle cycle will keep your clothes looking the best.

Downy Fabric Conditioner is available at Walmart and Walmart.com for everyday low prices. Learn more and shop for it here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. I already owned the other Downy products seen in my laundry room.


  1. I use the kirkland fabric softner sheets just because they feel like it's cheaper to buy. Do you think that liquid Downey is better than the costco generic brand? I'm noticing that my clothes aren't as soft as they once were.

  2. Hello Jesse! I'm not sure, I use Kirkland laundry brand detergent, but Downy fabric softener since it is the first time I've started using liquid softener and have noticed and liked the difference.

  3. This is a great reading post. My family using Downy. It's OK

  4. My mom is all into the Downy and I always use the sheets. She loves to pu=our this right into the laundry and uses sheets as well.

  5. I use it now and then, mostly on the sheets and blankets when I want it to smell extra good.

  6. We don't usually purchase Downy. I do love the smell though! :)