Easy Donut Trifle in a Jar - National Donut Day

National Donut Day is Friday, June 3, but I got to celebrate the sweet occasion a little early thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts of Southwest Florida, which invited local Ft. Myers area bloggers and I to sample their newest breakfast sandwiches, frozen beverages and of course - donuts! Twist my arm, right?

They also showed us how to make and easy donut trifle. Check out their new offerings and recipe below!

Summer Treats at Dunkin Donuts 

    Dunkin Donuts Summer coffeesDunkin Donuts summer breakfast sandwiches and donuts
  • The summer try the new Bacon Supreme Omelet Sandwich - This breakfast sandwich comes on a croissant but you can customize the bread from any of their other options like an English muffin, etc. It's topped with bacon, American cheese, and an omelet filled with red and green bell peppers, potatoes and green onions. Eat up!
  • Almond Joy Iced Coffee - sweet and refreshing!
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate -  It's yum! My boys would love this treat in the summer too and it's not as heavy as a milkshake either.
  • Caramel Latte Square - this is the new seasonal square donut this summer
  • Blueberry Cobbler Croissant Donut - this cronut with blueberry filling is fluffy and decadent.
  • Sweet Tea Lemonade - it's a refreshing Arnold Palmer with sweet tea.
  • This summer the Coolatta's are brighter than ever! Try a Blue Raspberry, Watermelon or New Sour Apple Coolatta on a hot day. I liked the Watermelon the best. 

Easy Donut Trifle in a Jar

Easy Donut Trifle in a Jar

Have donuts to spare? Make yummy individual trifles for your family. It's super easy and fun to do. 


  • 6 Dunkin' Donuts Classic Donuts, ripped apart. We used Chocolate Glazed, but you can use any doughnutsyou like! 
  • 1 Can of whipped cream 
  • 1 Box of chocolate pudding prepared according to package instructions or you can cheat further and buy the pre-packaged pudding cups. 
  • 20 Pieces of candy, preferably something chocolatey! We used crumbled Heath bars. 
  • Optional: You can add mini marshmallows into the mix too.


In mason jars or cups, layer the ingredients in the following order: donuts, whipped cream, pudding then candy. 

Heath Candy & Donut Trifle in a Mason Jar

Repeat to fill the mason jars. 

Top with a dollop of whipped cream and garnish with more candy. 



  1. donuts are one of my fave things! the trifle looks delish!!

  2. Cute! You look adorable with the trifle!

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  4. Yum, what a delicious idea! I love donuts, too!

  5. That donut trifle looks good. If I had the ingredients right now I would be making this as we speak. I definitely have to try this recipe

  6. So much sugar! Oh my goodness! Looks absolutely delicious. :)