New steep by Bigelow organic tea

America’s own Bigelow Tea since 1945 (now under third-generation family leadership) is adding to its vast repertoire of teas with the launch of a new line of premium craft-blend teas – steep by Bigelow, which I was excited to learn is USDA Certified organic.

But why should you buy organic tea? Aren’t tea leaves organic already?
There have been studies that found traces of pesticides in some tea bags, thus, steeping straight into your brew and you! For example, dangerously high levels of pesticides were recently found in Celestial Seasonings and Lipton tea. After learning this, I have since looked for organic teas to ensure I was sipping only the healthy goodness of tea. It's not often easy to find organic tea in tea bag form either, so steep makes it super convenient to have wholesome tea on-the-go. Fortunately, for Bigelow tea fans in general though, you’ll be happy to learn that they test all of their teas extensively, both Organic and Non-Organic, for over 300 different types pesticides using two independent testing labs. Their test results continually confirm that there are no pesticides in a brewed cup of Bigelow tea. Thus, all of their teas are 100% safe for your consumption. The same can't be said for other popular tea bag brands though.

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Inspired by the popularity of the craft beer movement, the steep by Bigelow signature series connects with the passionate tea consumer by supporting everyone’s personal and individual palate. In addition to being Certified USDA Organic, the line has the added benefits of being non-GMO and gluten free.

First Watch restaurants here in SWFL are already serving the line as their tea of choice.

Their 13 creatively blended teas each deliver a unique flavor:

  1. Oolong & Jasmine Green Tea – My favorite of the group, but I’m partial to oolongs and green teas. Slightly nutty oolong with delicate floral Jasmine notes 
  2. Dandelion & Peach Rooibos & Green Tea – smooth tea with sweet, fruity peach notes and earthy dandelion finish 
  3. Pure Green Tea – a delicate green tea with subtle astringency 
  4. Green Tea with Pomegranate – smooth green tea with pomegranate and a pleasantly tart finish 
  5. Pure Green Decaffeinated Tea – a delicate green tea with subtle astringency 
  6. Earl Grey – a smooth, bold black tea with a crisp, authentically citrusy rich flavor of real bergamot 
  7. English Breakfast Certified Fair Trade Tea –smooth, malty with flowery top notes and a pleasantly astringent finish 
  8. Mint caffeine free Herbal Tea – a smooth & soothing blend of spearmint & peppermint 
  9. Rooibos Hibiscus caffeine free Herbal Tea – tart and delicious rooibos red tea with subtle delicate hibiscus 
  10. Sweet Cinnamon – a smooth, black tea distinctively balanced with sweet, spicy cinnamon 
  11. Chai – a perfectly balanced blend of rich black tea and exotic spices 
  12. Lemon Ginger caffeine free Herbal Tea – a clean citrus herb tea pleasantly spiced with ginger
  13. Chamomile Citrus caffeine free Herbal Tea – full bodied sweet chamomile with a bright, citrus complement 

steep by Bigelow teas are now available online and at grocery stores nationwide for the suggested price of $4.49 for a 20 count box, thus only 22 cents a tea bag!

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to do this post, but did receive tea bag samples to facilitate my review. 

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