OMG I'm Driving a Mini Van

Queue the Talking Heads song "How did I get here?"... And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile ...

OMG I am now the owner of a 2015 Toyota Sienna XLE mini van and even more surprisingly, I'm loving it! So many parents have told us how much easier it is, but we had stubbornly held on to our SUV, dreading driving a sexless mini van. However, never say never, because apparently, I'm a new woman.

I once equated driving a minivan to shopping at Talbots, for when women have given up being a woman and ugh am I now eating my words. I no longer have to worry about wearing a wedding ring either, because after this car buying decision I can guarantee you that guys in other cars aren't even glancing my way in this baby shuttle, lol. At least, I'd rather blame the car than my appearance and age.

Doesn't matter the stigma though, it's actually a pleasure to drive this van. It's a smooth ride. I like being up so high too, it really has improved my visibility of the road and the features DO make traveling with kids easier.

Before with two car seats in the backseat, we could never have other people ride in our car. Sure, we had an SUV with a third row, but on long car trips it wasn't comfortable for them, plus there wasn't enough trunk space once those seats were up. Now, grandma and friends can come along on trips too and so can all the twins' gear and a double stroller.

Checking out the Honda Odyssey at the Miami Auto Show

The sliding doors are great too. The boys love pressing the button to easily open the doors themselves and I love that they aren't swinging the doors open and hitting and denting another car.

Not to mention the entertainment center turns complaining babies into gaping silence.

Yup, life is good. Our big, twin, mini van life. *sigh*

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