Shaving Cream and Cars - Summer Toddler Activity

While working on a round-up of Kids Summer Projects for, I came across a fun sensory activity - Shaving Cream Car Wash and thought I'd give it a try the other day with my toddler boys!

My kids had sooo much fun, I felt like a super mom and it was such a simple project. However, I've listed some tips and lessons learned from my first attempt.

Tips & Lessons Learned:
  • Put on swim clothes or wear as little as possible. I wish we did this at the start, but I wised up and just let my boys be in their diapers, which allowed them the fun of painting their bellies with shaving cream too. I also ended up changing into my bathing suit, because I was soon covered in suds as well. Oh, and be prepared for everyone to jump in the shower, tub or get hosed off after. As you can see below, my boys had it in their hair and everywhere.
  • Buy two cans of shaving cream. We used up one full can in a half hour and my boys kept asking for "more bubbles," but I didn't have a second can handy. Also, be sure and buy foaming shaving cream and not the gel kind. I purchased the cheapest one I could find. 
  • I purchased a box of used match box cars on eBay not only for this project, but it seems we can never have enough Hot Wheels to satisfy them.
  • Find a shady spot as they will not want to go in anytime soon. 
  • Have a clean wet towel ready to wipe any cream from their eyes. 
  • The second time we tried it, we used their empty water table, which contained the suds a bit better. 

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