Where should you visit in Europe?

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If you are thinking of a European getaway this year, be sure to consider all the options like choosing to fly out somewhere with inter-railing - that way you get to see a number of European cities over the course of a few weeks! Alternatively, you might have your heart set on somewhere and want to make the most out of an all-inclusive weekend stay. Whatever you choose to do, read this guide on some of the continent's finest offerings for inspiration.

Sun-kissed Lisbon, Portugal's capital city, is the ideal getaway for those seeking sandy beaches and old-school charm. Head to boho Bairro Alto, a bar lined the cobbled street in Azulejo, where you can sip cocktails and watch the sun go down over the quietest corner of the Atlantic coast. It's a year-round destination- beautiful in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Sun-drenched Madrid is a great long weekend destination, with its incredible culture and laid back lifestyle, whilst Barcelona is more suited to those who are on the lookout for adventure, with its vibrant night-life and endless activities and active nightlife. You can even try a fish spa like I did when I visited this vibrant city. Those looking for beached out bliss though might want to visit more Southern locations such as Andalusia, where you can sun yourself on the beach by day and soak up the local culture by night.

Dubrovnik is the perfect place to visit if you are seeking a relaxed, tranquil beauty which can only be found deep in the heart of the Adriatic. Flights to Croatia are relatively inexpensive if you try visiting around February and March, when the weather is mild and therefore isn't such a popular destination with sun worshipers. Check out its beautiful UNSECO World Heritage Sites in the medieval old town. I really enjoyed the food too.
The view from the Walls of Dubrovnik
Malta is the deep sea diving capital of the world, and scuba divers, as well as snorkelers, come from all over to don their wetsuits and sample the beauty of Malta's crystal clear water and amazing marine life. Take a day trip to Gozo (boats leave every hour from Valletta Harbor), for the best scuba experience Malta has to offer.

If you do choose to inter-rail - or even cruise - it’s worth planning your route in advance to avoid getting way-laid during your trip. If you are staying in the one country, it's definitely worth catching a bus or train to different cities to get a full feel for the way of life in the country's different areas. Happy traveling!


  1. I would love to go to any of these location, especially Spain for sure. I have family from there. Would be nice to tour here with my husband and learn some history.

  2. I've never been to Europe before. I'd love to visit these places one day!

  3. Barcelona has great architecture and beaches.

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  4. If you're going to Spain you have to go to San Sebastian. Beautiful people, beautiful beaches, amazing food. My favorite place in Europe

  5. I have been to Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Russia, Poland and would love to visit more European countries.

  6. Thanks for the nice read and the great picture. As the song goes "...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world..."