Guess the Panties Bachelorette Party Game

I've taken part in the typical Bachelorette party games, scavenger hunts, suck for a buck tricks over the years of celebrations, so I was pleasantly surprised to play a new game while attending my friend Laura's party last weekend.
Party guests were instructed to bring sexy panties for the bride-to-be as a gift, but unwrapped and without a card. The chosen underwear could be lacy, animal print, dainty or downright dirty, but should be a reflection of the person who brought them and NOT the bride's own style.

Then, without the bride seeing us, we all deposited our chosen designs in a bag anonymously. The bachelorette reaches into the bag and pulls out one pair of panties. The bachelorette then shows the panties to everyone and must then identify who bought her those panties. If the bachelorette correctly guesses who gave her the panties then the giftee takes a drink. However, if she guesses incorrectly then she takes a drink per each wrong guess!

Now what panties identify me? That was the question I had to ask myself. I also had to think about how the bride sees me too. Finally, I went with a sexy red lacy number from Frederick's of Hollywood. I figured the boldness of them would signify me and that the color red would also reflect the red heart tattoo on my left butt cheek (that's another story). I had actually tried looking for panties with hearts on them, but surprisingly I didn't find any.
The bride post panty raid
The first undergarment that the bride selected from the bag was a silly lion thong in orange neon colors, which Laura thought were mine, lol. Drink up! She also thought the next wild navy pair that she pulled out were mine too. Sip again. However, the third selection was in fact mine and she guessed it correctly this time, so it was my turn to gulp. I found it funny that she thought all of the bold and crazy ones had to be from me, but I suppose she wasn't too off in thinking that ;) wink wink.Oh, and another attendee brought official Jets panties since she is a fan of the football team, but luckily enough that is also the groom's team.

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