Suave Family Selfie Contest

When I heard about the Suave Family Selfie Instagram Contest, I was excited to enter as I use Suave Professionals hair care products already and I'm always taking pics  of my family. However, I didn't realize how hard it would be to do a selfie with both boys in it.

I must have taken over 40 shots and still nada. One boy would be looking right at the camera while the other would be crying or squirming to get away. It was like holding bars of soap and my arms just aren't long enough to pull it off. So, I went with a selfie of just me and Ben as he's more interested in my iPhone and seeing photos on it. It also helped that I put a flower that I picked in his hair and he was curious to see how it looked, lol. This shot though echoes how we strive to live beautifully, by playing outdoors and being silly together.
Raphael had to show me up though with this cute selfie with both boys:
So what IS the Suave Family Selfie Contest? Simply take a Fall family selfie with your family that shows how you live beautifully and upload it to Instagram for a chance to win a prize pack. You must also tag the photo with the hashtags #SuaveFamilySelfie #LB2LB and #Walmart then submit your link. Enter the sweepstakes weekly to increase your chance of winning. Each week 6 new winners will be drawn to receive a $175 Walmart prize pack. Once you have submitted your image here you will also receive a coupon via email for $1 off Suave at Walmart. And may I add I LOVE the Suave with Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner.

Good luck and get shooting! I wish you more selfie success than I had.

 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Global Influence, all opinions are my own, yada yada yada.

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