Bridgestone Drive and Learn Event at BlogHer14

One of my favorite events during BlogHer 14 was the Bridgestone Drive and Learn event. A bunch of us went out to a large empty parking lot where we got to ride with professional race car drivers in an auto cross track in BMW 325s and then take part behind the wheel on the same relay course.

Our driver went really fast around the cones and it was more fun than any roller coaster ride I've been on. I was sliding around in the back seat, my seat belt working hard to keep me in place and from falling into my new blog friend Sarah from Thank You Honey Blog who was in the car with me too. She was a little more trepidatious when she got behind the wheel, but me, I had the need for speed! I would have gone faster around the curves too, but didn't want to scare my passengers, lol.
We also had the opportunity to drive on a completely flat DriveGuard tire at 50 MPH and believe it or not I couldn't tell it was a flat tire. With DriveGuard tires from Bridgestone you can drive up to 50 miles at up to 50 miles per hour after a puncture or complete loss of pressure. I've driven on two flat tires in my life and it felt like I was going over speed bumps, thump, thump, thump, but this time it was smooth sailing allowing you to get help safely, thus ideal for riding with families.

We also learned some basic car care tips from the team at Firestone Complete Auto Care. I re-learned how to check the air in my tires and how to jump start a car. Here are some simple tips:
  • * Not only is too little air in your tires bad, but so is too much air. 
  • * Check the air in your tires monthly when it's warm and after driving 5 miles.
  • * The correct tire pressure needed for your vehicle should be listed in the hinge of your car door. 
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  1. LOL! What a fun afternoon! I hope they were able to remove my fingernail marks from the oh shit bar!

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