Easy DIY Toddler Activity: Post-it Note Wall

During a recent afternoon it was too hot, muggy and buggy for my boys to go outside to play and they were getting bored and cranky inside by that evening. I remembered how once my boys ripped apart a new packet of Post-it Notes from my desk, sticking the pieces on windows and on themselves.

So, I grabbed a colorful packet of Post-it Recycled Super Sticky Notes (more of the back side is sticky, so better for clinging to surfaces and not flapping up) and stuck them on a blank wall that the boys could reach. They were immediately intrigued and came over to pull them off and stick them back on the wall. I put a few that were a little out of reach so they would jump and stretch to get them too, which they did.
They began creating their own patterns and were busy scheming and working together and solo for a good half hour. They even returned back to the wall for some quiet fun again later on. You could also use a fridge, window or door. I liked that it was a creative, problem-solving activity and extremely easy and safe to do.

Perfect for inside fun!

My boys are just 19m, but during their pre-school years I plan to do something similar and try this Post-it Notes DIY Matching Game idea and Colored Masking Tape Hop Scotch board.

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