Thom Filicia Introduces Bounce Bursts + Design Tips For Bringing the Outdoors In

I love using in-wash scent booster pellets with my laundry in order to keep my clothes still smelling nice whenever I take them off the hanger or get them out of my drawer. Just smelling the retaining fragrance makes me smile.
Now, Bounce has created its first ever in-wash laundry product, Bounce Bursts, to help bring the Outdoor Freshness you to whenever you need it, making you forget you’re indoors. Did you know that research has found that Americans spend 90 percent or more of their time indoors? However, it’s also been shown that taking in the fresh smell of outdoors can actually refresh your mood. Thus, Bounce Bursts.

To celebrate this new product launch, Bounce partnered with the celebrity interior designer Thom Filicia of HGTV and Style Network (formerly Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) to provide design tips to bring outdoor freshness indoors in terms of style and as a way to enhance your mood.

Thom's Interior Design Tips for Bringing the Outdoors Inside:
  • Don't be afraid of bright colors 
  • Add fresh flowers to your space
  • Switch up your patterns and layer your materials. Adding floral-inspired patterns and colors, along with a mix of materials, from wood to metal or stone, will help you evoke the feeling of being outside while lounging and even working indoors. You can also wash linens and other washable fabrics with Bounce Bursts for an added boost of outdoor freshness.
  • Blur the lines. He suggested using outdoor carpets and pillows inside during the summer season. Place an indoor/outdoor rugs in a kitchen or laundry room, outdoor fabrics in a children's playroom, or all-weather baskets next to a fireplace or in a living room to hold extra blankets. 
  • Invest in outdoor-inspired artwork.There's nothing better than looking up at a formerly blank wall to see a piece of artwork that evokes the spirit of the outdoors.  
DIY Dryer Sheet Flowers:
Also, I love this idea of turning Bounce dryer sheets into flowers for decoration and as a way to freshen up a room or party. Also, dryer sheets are known to help repel bugs, so can't help but think this would be a useful decoration at your next BBQ. Check out the tutorial here.


  1. I would love to try Bounce Bursts because I am such a junkie for scents for your clothes.

  2. Oh these look fabulous, love when my clothes smell good!

  3. Love the tips! I am such a bounce freak! Love the scents!

  4. Great idea to use bounce dryer sheets as flowers to decorate. Never0thought about it and can imagine how great it smell with a dozen. Overall great tips and I'm looking0forward to use Bounce Products.

  5. I love good smelling clothes!

  6. I LOVE the smell of Bounce and clean laundry and would totally try these

  7. Interior designing can be really fun especially when its your first time doing it. It can be a trial and error process at times but when you get the hang of it it will come naturally

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