DIY: Tide That says HGTV's Jonathan Scott

I recently attended an Open House hosted by HGTV's Property Brother Jonathan Scott to learn about Tide’s first multi-purpose cleaner, Tide Oxi. It's not just for your laundry (although it can be thrown in as a booster too) this Tide cleaner has more than 225 household uses. Now you can use Tide to clean almost anything throughout your entire home, including everything from carpet and upholstery, to tile and grout, bathtubs and even patio furniture! Now you can “Tide that” to just about anything by adding the powder to water and start scrubbing!

In the room were 225 pieces of used furniture and discarded household objects that Jonathan scoured the streets of NYC and Craigslist to find some of the dirtiest pieces and cleaned them up with the new multi-purpose cleaner. The entire place looked like a show room after with items he could easily sell for top dollar.

I went home with a free tub of Tide Oxi and I can't wait to use it on a few old pieces that I found at consignment shops and thrift stores for our place down in Florida. This event inspired me to make it a future DIY project to upcycle my current items instead of buying something new. I was reminded that many items others find unusable just need a good cleaning with Tide Oxi to experience a transformation.

Jonathan meanwhile was even more handsome and perfect looking in-person. I spoke with him about whether it's worth reupholstering furniture or discarding a piece. We chatted about the condo I flipped in Florida and other stuff. Oh, and if you didn't know he's also an identical twin. As a mom of identical twins, I love hearing stories of twins still staying close and working with each other like that when they get older. I hope my twin boys will be like them too - the rich, handsome and successful part would just be a bonus, lol.

Here is Jonathan posing for on a vintage lounger that he cleaned up with Tide Oxi:

He also tweeted me back!


  1. I'm so inspired to do this so so many things around my house. I love DIY and have a few pieces that could use this. Thanks for sharing

  2. Love Property Brothers! Get so many awesome tips and ideas! Great post!