Rick Springfield Event For His New Book

Today, I got to do what millions of teens in the 80's wished for -- I met rocker Rick Springfield.

Yup, here I am just hanging with my buddy Rick Springfield. You know, like you do! :)
As you can see, he's still tall, lean and handsome at 64!! Yup, you read that correctly, 64! I was shocked when I wiki'd him and saw that.
The Moms' Mamarazzi event was hosted with AriZona Beverages and Touchstone in honor of Rick's new book. The actor, musician and author is making his fiction debut with the spiritual, dark humor novel Magnificent Vibration. I read the first 20 pages already and enjoyed the humor and quick pace. I thought it was funny that the back cover includes a quote from the The Five People You Meet in Heaven author Mitch Albom, because Rick's quirky writing style actually reminded me of his. The novel starts off with a suicidal man finding a hotline number that allows him to call and speak with God via his cell phone.

Although I knew his songs, I didn't know much else about the former teen heartthrob. For instance, I had no idea he was an Aussie! I was also surprised at how soft spoken and unassuming he was. He also smelled really good, his cologne lingered on my shoulder for awhile after.

In addition, I learned that he has ADD and suffers from and speaks openly about his depression. He's also a family man and says it's important to stay close to family in order to combat the temptations of fame. He also said he left the limelight and took a break from his musical career in 1985 to raise his son and disappeared for a bit. How cool is that?  Oh, and he wonders random things like why an avocado pit is so big and he likes Rogers and Hammerstein (ditto!).

Here's a fun video with him talking about being a soap opera star on General Hospital and not being able to memorize lines:


  1. Rick is awesome!!

  2. Rick Springfield is awesome... Silvia and Jessie's girl are my favorites. I also love the songs he did for General Hospital with Todd Ashburn and Buddy Hyatt from the band TOTO. I have both of his best selling novels. Rick is a triple threat for sure, but his music is what grabs me the most.

    Love ya Tara