My Boys Test out the Playskool Roctivity Set

I was not paid and did NOT receive a sample to do this review. I simply think this toy is a great value and I had fun seeing my boys play with it.

While I was browsing the "Sale" section of Babies R' Us website I saw that the Playskool Rocktivity Sit, Crawl and Stand Band Activity Arch was on sale from $89.99 to $34 so I quickly purchased it online.

The set arrived weeks ago, but I chose to store it away for a rainy day, or rather a snowy day as the case may be. So, while snowed in and outnumbered by my stir crazy duo, I brought down the box from our attic. It was truly a life saver. The boys were entertained until bedtime and have been playing and dancing with it all week. Just take a look at them go:

I also like that the music is bearable for mom and even includes tunes from Jackson 5 and JLo, finally no more Old McDonald. I easily assembled the arch myself, which made me feel accomplished since I'm not typically handy and I didn't have to ask their dad to help. I'm a writer not a builder :)

My boys also love playing with a similar activity center, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home Playset, however, it's much more money at $89.99. 

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