Boys first trip to Stew Leonard's and Cro-dos

Every couple of months or so I make it a point to stock up on food at Stew Leonard's, which is often featured on the Food Network. They have locations in Connecticut and Yonkers. It's a grocery store/petting zoo/entertainment park. Throughout the zig zaggy course of the store they have animatronics playing songs and delighting kids (and adults), plus lots of taste tests along the way and the ability to see most of the foods being made including a tortilla line, bread ovens, milk dispensers, etc. They even have a little petting zoo outside and plenty of places for photo ops.

I also love their soft-serve vanilla ice cream at their ice cream window on the way out. I've never tasted anyt other ice cream as creamy as theirs, it's like crack. When I was pregnant it was one of the few things I craved (or at least I said I craved it so I could go more ;).

Singing milk cartons
Logan in awe of the singing cartons
Clover the cow stops by for a visit
Ben meets Clover
Ben does not like Clover! Quick, next aisle!
My purpose this visit was to not only show my visiting father-in-law the store and entertain the boys, but to pick up a package of "Cro-Dos," which is Stew Leonard's version of the NYC Cronuts craze. It's a cross between a croissant and a doughnut.It has the sweet sugary-ness of a doughnut, but the flaky quality of a croissant. They also make a chocolate flavor! The 2-pack goes for $3.99 and they are baked fresh daily. The ones in NYC are so famous that people wait in long lines for them in the early hours of the morning. Thus, get a fast pass with Stew Leonard's version, which is pretty awesome.They also make a chocolate-filled one for $4.99.
The Croissant-Donut hybrid

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  1. Wow… hope he had a really nice and unforgettable time. And I wish if I could take my son there.nyw