Quick Hair Fix: scünci Style Press-Ons

I'm not the best at doing anything fancy with my hair beyond a pony tail and even that I can barely do well. So, I'm all about easy outs when it comes to styling or doing something different with my hair.

Thus, meet scünci Style Press-Ons hair accessory appliques that make an ImPRESSion. I received one during a holiday media preview and decided to try it out on a blah hair day and got several compliments. You simply press it into your hair - that's it - it's so easy, even I can do it (that didn't make me sound very smart, did it?).

The back of the piece feels like the rough side of a velcro strip and surprisingly stays in place and doesn't pull your hair when you take it off either. It's perfect for special occasions and so easy to use. You can style hair in a trendy updo and attach it or just wear it down. Right now it comes in three different styles and color combinations. The pink one is less fancy and great for everyday. It's available at drug and mass retailers like Walmart for an average retail price of $5.99.

I added the scünci black flower press-on to my hair to further dress-up this black and white number from bebe that I wore to Disney's advanced screening of Delivery Man and cocktail party. The film by the way was adorable, but more to come on that when the release date gets closer. Take a look:

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