Do These Habits to Get an Instant Lift

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People nowadays can relieve everyday stress with the help of so many websites ranging from blogs (like mine!) to social media and even online bingo or other gaming hubs. One can read through funny memes via 9gag or hilarious pet photos via Buzzfeed, enjoy a game of Candy Crush in Facebook or a round of bingo, or even just chat with tech-savvy friends via Twitter. Whether it’s a poker/bingo game online or at a friend’s house, a solo day at the spa or a jog in the park, maintaining a positive attitude is a must to boost your everyday persona. Along with online bingo de-stressors, social media vent outs, and Tumblr blog rantings, there are so many simple activities one can do to chillax.

MSN Living, in a recent article, came up with some undemanding ways to maintain a healthy and happy state of being. Here are some of them:

Do a Ninja Hug - MSN terms it as a “Stealth Hug.” As their article highlights, “Tiny acts of love — a favorite meal, a mushy text-message, or an unexpected touch — make us see ourselves as kind and supportive partners.”

Say Thank You to the Specifics. “A new English study reports that keeping a daily gratitude list reduces anxiety as well as therapy does,” MSN Living writes. Robert Emmons, Ph.D., psychology professor at the University of California, says as quoted by MSN, “to say, 'I am grateful to the coffee barista' is less effective than consciously thinking about the fact that she remembers that you like a tall latte with low-fat milk.” That means be specific on what you’re gratified for.

Grace Break Time “Psychologists at George Mason University found that on days when people perceive their spiritual link to be stronger — whether through deep breathing, admiring the snow, or reaching out to someone — they are happier and feel better about themselves,” the article explains.

Know What Chocolate “After feeding 90 lucky Dutch volunteers different types of snacks, researchers found that if you're high-strung, you'll get the best results if you nibble a milk chocolate wafer. If you fall lower on the anxiety scale, dark chocolate is a better worry chaser,” MSN reports. That means pick the right bonbon, or bar.

For more ways to make you feel happier and healthier, you can read the full article in MSN Living.

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