Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower is a New Mom Must 
Last night, I finally got to attend Big City Mom's infamous Biggest Baby Shower. I had purchased a Super Pass last October, but Hurricane Sandy caused the event to be rescheduled to right around my due date in November, so sadly I wasn't able to attend prior to mommy-hood.

With how-to seminars and over 100 of the best companies in the baby industry attending it would have been ideal to test out, touch, feel and get educated on everything before the twins were born. Not to mention all the free bottles and breast feeding aids that would have come in handy too. I especially loved seeing the dads there testing the different Britax car seats and demoing Summer Infant's new Fuze Stroller. Also, Aden + Anais was instructing new parents on how to swaddle, that would have been a lifesaver since it took me weeks to get that down right and not until I switched over to their breathable swaddle blankets did it actually start doing it well.  

However, even now with my boys being 6-months-old this event was still a God send. Especially since the boys are just starting to eat solid foods and play more, so I spoke with organic food brands like Plum Organics, Ella's Kitchen, Earth's Best and Happy Baby. I also looked at clip-on high chairs for going to Grandma's house, grabbed some Camilia homeopathic teething medicine samples from Boiron (they are so easy to use and safe!) and admired SkipHop and Tiny Love's fun stroller toys. 

Bottom line: If you are a new mom with kids under 1 year or an expectant mom in the tri-state area, you HAVE to go to Big City Moms' annual Fall and Spring shows. Their overflowing gift bag alone recoups the cost of your ticket, plus it's informative and a fun night out. Some tickets even guarantee you a free stroller or baby carrier from big-name brands too. It's amazing. So, bookmark it so you can attend the next one. They also have the baby shower in Los Angeles and San Fransisco now.

Disclaimer: Although I able to attend free as media, I did not receive any compensation for this post nor an attendee gift bag with all the goods. 


  1. The real trick is to have an intimate shower where all of these details are noticed and appreciated, but not done in a fussy way. Relaxed and thoughtful and beautiful.

  2. I heard about Big City Moms' annual Fall and Spring shows before. I know about their gift bag and it is awesome. i wanted to get stroller or carrier as gift but i bought double jogging stroller for my twins. It was necessary to carry my babies soon