Milkmakers Cookies

You can file this under the many topics I never thought I'd be blogging about before motherhood. Lactation.

For the last two and a half months, I've been doing what they call supplementing, which means combining breast feeding and formula. With the twins being under weight at first, we had to use formula so we could note for sure how much they were eating. Plus, producing enough for two is difficult. I tried nursing tea (nasty), the herb fenugreek (nothing happened) and now lactation cookies from Milk Makers and they work!

According to the company, "One to two cookies per day, for several days can help breastfeeding  moms reap the full benefits of milkmakers cookies." Made with organic ingredients, oats, brewer's yeast and flax seed are baked into each cookie. These ingredients increase breast milk production and replenish key nutrients moms need. It's also lactation consultant recommended.

Best of all, unlike the nursing tea, these cookies taste really good. I was expecting to force myself to eat them, but instead I'd eagerly look forward to them as my breakfast treat each day. Flavors include oatmeal raisin dairy free and oatmeal chocolate chip. You can get a monthly subscription with free shipping or start off with a starter pack of 10 cookies (just $19.99).

Would you try it? Did you do any tricks or wives tales to help your supply? 


  1. So far I haven’t tried it, but hoping to.. This post is 11

  2. How much are you pumping before and after the cookies? I'm looking for something to help. I get about 11oz a day pumping like 4 times a day. She's not latching consistently so we are supplementing formula and I try to put her on.

  3. I have to try these out. My supply was low in the beginning so I pumped after every nursing & took 3 fenugreek tablets a day. It totally worked! I smelled like maple syrup but it truly helped with my supply!