Hasbro Toy Fair 2013 preview

hasbrotfThis week is Toy Fair, an industry event held annually in New York, where toy brands demo their upcoming toys. I had been on the planning side before for Disney and WWE, but have never attended. This year, now that I'm back on the east coast, I was able to attend as media.

Hasbro also holds their own Toy Fair Showroom around this time and invites bloggers to preview the latest by their many brands from board games, action figures to pre-school toys. It's like a mini trade show of its own. Below is just some of awesomeness that I got to see:

First, we were able to get hands-on by playing with Play-Doh, a favorite of mine. Using their new Frosting Fun Bakery and Flip N' Frost Cookies playsets (available Spring 13) with the softer Play-Doh Plus, you can make and frost pretend cupcakes and cookies. Don't they look real? Too bad they aren't edible.
Snuggling with Playskool's Big Hugs Elmo
Little ones are sure to fall in love with Hasbro’s Big Hugs Elmo toy that can hug them back! Yes, when tots give their furry Sesame Street  friend a hug, Elmo will wrap his arms around them to show how much he loves them! This cuddly 22-inch lifelike Elmo has flexible arms and a soft head. He sings a sweet song about hugs and a bedtime lullaby when cradled in your arms and encourages pretend play. For instance, he'll say let's trot like a horsey so a child can trot along with him. This all new design makes the Big Hugs Elmo Hasbro’s largest, cuddliest, most lifelike Elmo interactive plush ever! Retail price: $59.99, in stores this Fall. I have a feeling it will be a popular Christmas present this year.

Recently, Monopoly let fans vote online for which classic token should be retired (the iron) and what new token should be added. I voted for the cat and it won! We got a sneak peek at the new board with the winning cat piece, which comes out this Fall.

The new Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker and Cross bows are designed for girls and shoot Nerf arrows. It's very Hunger Games and allows girls to channel their inner Katniss. I so would have rocked this when I was younger, since I loved more active role-playing like this. Heck, I want one now, but have to wait until the Fall when they come out for under $25.

I'm addicted to Bejeweled on my iPad and now that addiction can be played offline on a physical board with multiple players this Spring for $19.99. The game also comes with a download of the Bejeweled 3 online game. Isn't it pretty, too?


  1. I'm glad I had the chance to meet you! I've always enjoyed working with you, so it was nice to chat for a bit! Take care, and I hope to see you again, soon!

  2. Wow… amazing, I love toys… they looks so cute