Seraphine Maternity Nursing Clothes

To my surprise even after delivery, the need for specialized clothes for moms doesn't end, especially if you are nursing. I'm finally feeling more comfortable, yet unable to return to my previous wardrobe right now, so the thought of still wearing unflattering gear for another couple of months had me depressed. Also, when you're feeding, changing and pumping x2 every four hours it's easy to stay in your robe all day.

Thankfully, I discovered Seraphine Maternity, a global maternity fashion brand founded by Parisian designer and stylist Cecile Reinaud. Seraphine offers more fashionable nursing tops, sweaters, sleepwear than other brands and is available online and at retail locations in 40 countries. Celebrity moms-to-be are also fans including Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner.

I feel particularly chic in their grey breastfeeding poncho turtle neck with a crossover v-neck tank top underneath. It's particularity great for all seasons thanks to the layering and soft fabric. I actually wore both pieces when leaving the hospital after the twins birth. I've since paired it with a similar hat that the model below is wearing too. 

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