To catch a UPS thief

The trap has been laid and now I sit and wait...

Over the last month at least two packages have been stolen off my doorstop. One was a box with baby socks from Trumpette ordered through HauteLook. Although UPS tracking says it was delivered and left at my door, I never got them. I'm in a nice condo building too, so my door isn't accessible from the street, thus it has to be a neighbor or one of their guests. I hope when they open it they feel guilty at least that they stole from a baby. Obviously, they didn't feel guilty enough to drop it back off at my door though. HauteLook kindly offered me a credit even though this was obviously not their fault, but sadly they couldn't send new socks since they were now out of stock.

I had said at least two packages, because I'm often sent stuff from PR folks for my blog that I don't always know about until they arrive. Also, items off my BabiesRUs registry have been ordered, but have not arrived yet and BRU doesn't provide tracking numbers to the registrant or if it's being sent to me or to the purchaser. I called their customer service and they said they couldn't see that info either. Argh! If the item doesn't appear at my shower, I guess I'll have my answer :(

I have no choice, but REVENGE! So, what's the plan? Using an empty HauteLook box, I filled it with some lovely cat poop courtesy of my accomplices Patches and Bandit. It may sound childish, but they need to know that I'm on to them and yes, the shit was an added bonus. I also included a note that says: "I hope you smiled for the camera!"

My tech hubbie wanted to put a GPS unit in it too, but that seemed like too much work and expensive at that. PS: he does not condone my retaliation, but it makes me feel a little vindicated at least.

On a more productive note, I've also been meeting the UPS drivers at their truck when I get home from work.


  1. Brilliance!!! I hope they leave the rest of your packages alone after that!

  2. Good luck! We had to deal with a similar situation in our building not too long ago, made me feel unsafe in my own home thinking it was a neighbor. We ended up getting our building to install cameras all over and the thief has been out of sight since!

  3. Good thinking! I hope it works! I hope you're right and the people felt bad for stealing from babies!!

  4. That's horrible that someone is stealing your packages, but brilliant response!

    I hope your pregnancy is going well. I just passed 20 weeks and we're announcing the gender next week! hehe