Wine in Mini-Boxes?

Like many, I used to turn my nose up at boxed wine. Then I tried the award-winning Black Box Wines, which stays fresh in the fridge for six weeks after opening! Europeans actually drink premium-quality box wines often. After all, box wines hold up to three liters of wine. Thus, perfect for a party or if you just want a glass and are afraid of opening a new bottle to just have it go bad the next day. I recently served their Malbec at my pasta party and everyone enjoyed it. See below my friend having fun with the idea.
Now, Black Box Wines has released new 500-mL Tetra Paks, perfect for a glass and a half of wine with dinner. Ideal for anyone who doesn't want to tackle a whole bottle in one night. (That's thinking outside the box! Yes, you knew that pun was coming eventually). These little juice cartons are great for picnicking or at the beach where glass isn't allowed since they are light weight and shatterproof. Unlike with their traditional size boxes though, these mini ones once opened, don't stay perfectly sealed over the long term. It's best to finish what you open right away to prevent oxidation. Personally, I didn't have a problem drinking all mine ;)

More importantly, the wine is good and affordable! The Tetra Paks are available in three varietals - Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for only $4.99.

So, have you ever tried wine-in-a-box? Would you buy the Tetra Pak size?

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  1. Wine in a box is, as you say, great for the daily drink or just when you want wine without fuss. The little ones sound interesting -- I guess they are the equivalent of mini bottles found on airplanes. A good idea -- adult juice boxes! :)