I'll have a blue, Blu-ray Christmas

On the week before Christmas, Santa gave to me -- a Sony Blu-ray player!

Years ago, when there was the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray war, I wrongly chose to purchase for x-mas an HD-DVD player, which has now become obsolete. I was bitter, but finally I caved and have gone to the blue side and am loving my new Sony BDP-S185, Internet connected Blu-ray Disc Player with HD 1080p playback & DVD upscaling for several reasons:

A. Internet Streaming & Apps. This model is also wifi and Internet enabled, so you can access apps like NetFlix, YouTube, Pandora, and more on your HDTV through the same machine easily. Before, I used to play my NetFlix instant videos through my Wii, but that required using a Wii remote, which was a pain since mine are never charged. Also, hooking it up to my Netflix account was much easier than expected and it played nicely with no freezes and the picture was excellent.

B. Affordable. Blu-ray players are a lot more affordable now. You can purchase players like this one for around $79.99. In fact, this model has been in the top three players sold of all manufacturers since Black Friday.

C. TRON Legacy and Gone With The Wind. I can now watch the Blu-ray versions of films in all their high def glory. I actually already own several discs since I bought combo packs just in case.

D. Compact. This Sony Blu-ray player is super sleek and slim and nearly half the size of the typical Blu-ray players out there today. My old player was a behemoth and now my entertainment stand looks a lot less cluttered.

E. Energy Star Compliant. The Sony BDP-S185 meets Energy Star 2.0 standards, with electric power consumption significantly reduced during both use and standby.

F. Quick. Powers on in less than 3 seconds. My old one would take forever just to turn on. It didn't help that I'm so inpatient that I'd hit the power button again while waiting and turn it back off, just so I'd have to wait again for it to load, grr.


  1. This is one of those things that I really want to get, and probably will, once we get past the expense of the holiday season. You're right, they're now affordable and have so many great streaming options, it just makes sense. I hope to either get one of these or a Roku player so I have streaming services.

  2. There's nothing you can get on a Roku that you can't get on a Sony BDP. That's not true for the reverse, especially the Sony Entertainment Network. Plus, you get the Blu-ray Disc ability.

    If you don't need Blu-ray Disc playback, there are a variety of great Streaming Players out there, including the Sony SMP-N200.

  3. What are you going to do with all your old HD dvds? Are you going to hook up both players so you can watch either HD dvd or Blu-ray?