Tool School

Last week, I attended a Tool School for women where I learned extremely helpful home improvement tips over drinks and apps hosted by Liquid-Plumr and toolbelt diva Norma Vally. Expert DIY-r Norma grew up in the construction business and now teaches women ways to save hundreds a dollars a year fixing common problems around the house.

First, we learned how to unclog a drain using Liquid-Plumr's new Double Impact Snake & Gel system. The cool thing is that the snake is disposable and easier to use than the old-school wire ones.

Her trick to restore stainless steel shine and remove fingerprints from appliances was particularly interesting. She started by spraying a messy stainless steel fridge with an all-purpose spray cleaner like Formula 409 and wiped it down. Then, she wiped down the fridge with some rubbing alcohol on a soft microfiber cloth. For the finishing touch, she used olive oil to polish the surface. She also recommended that if there is a "grain" to the stainless steel to buff only in that same direction. You can see below the one section that she did and how shiny it looks.

Also, a lot of people clean and deodorize their garbage disposals with lemons, but Norma says it's still food and not a cleaner. Coming soon though Liquid-Plumr is releasing a disposal and drain foaming cleaner in small packs that you can put down the disposal. I also like to put Pine-Sol down my drain once and awhile, makes the whole place smell fresh.

We also learned how to improve sink water pressure by cleaning out the aerator and how to replace a showerhead. We walked away with own tool kit too, very empowering!

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  1. What about the tools? I had seen the ad for the cleaner with the snake, which I think is very clever, but I don't think it counts as a tool! Hammers, wrenches, drills, saws...those are tools! :o)