Advanced look at the new series Boss

Earlier this week, I got to attend an advanced screening of the new Starz drama Boss. It's like a modern Boardwalk Empire, showing all the secret dealings and the power struggles that go into controlling a city. It also reminded me of a grittier version of The West Wing and how it showed what's going on behind the curtain.

The series stars Kelsey Grammer as a tormented and crooked mayor of Chicago. I'm a huge fan of Frasier, so was a bit skeptical of him playing such a serious and unlovable role, but he does a really good job. The first episode opens up with him receiving some hard news and the emotion in his eyes and face is really powerful. However, you don't feel bad for him for too long as you soon discover he's no hero. Kathleen Robertson also stars as a legal aid, but you might remember her as Claire from Beverly Hills 90210.

The series is filmed very artistically, with interesting camerawork, closeups and effects. At times the camera is shaky even, making the look feel more raw and realistic.

It was a bit slow at first, but then took off. By the time the credits came up, I felt like I had just seen a film, rather than one episode. It also left me wanting more.

Here's the trailer:

Boss premiers on Starz this Friday, Oct. 21, but you can watch the first episode online now. See for yourself and let me know what you thought too.

Update: Just ordered Starz to watch this series, but right now on they have a $25 cash back rebate, so it should even out.

PPS: Boss and Kelsey are both nominated for Golden Globes!

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