Bridesmaids girls night in vewing party Part 2

First of all, the Unrated version of Bridesmaids is even funnier than the one shown in theaters! So, even if you saw the film already, definitely rent or buy it and watch again. The bonus features like the gag-reel, line-o-matic and deleted scenes (one with Paul Rudd!) had us laughing all over again.

For our Girl's Night In viewing party for the film, my girls and I all donned former bridesmaid gowns (giving us the chance to actually wear them again), ordered pizza, ate candy and played a little drinking game as we watched.

And here we are trying to look like the poster box art:

Bridesmaids the movie Drinking Game:
From MovieCynics
1 drink – every time someone says “Cake Baby”
1 drink – every time someone says the F word (a lot more in the unrated version)
1 drink – every time someone says something in French
1 drink – every time someone drinks

I also put my wine snobbishness aside and took The Hostess Handbook's advice and picked out some fun girly wine labels - Cupcake Red Velvet, Sweet Bitch Pinot Grigio and Flip Flop Wines Cabarnet.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring the idea from! The wine bottles you picked out look fab! Great way to spice up a party! I L.O.V.E. love your blog!

  2. love your dress


  3. they all looks awesome and cute. hoping that they are still enjoying their marriages.