At the Disney D23 Expo

Over the weekend, I worked at the D23 Expo--the ultimate Disney fan event in Anaheim. It's like a ComiCon for Disney enthusiasts. I actually attended the last expo two years ago as press though, not for PR.

The show included appearances by Disney talent across TV and movies as well as past Disney legends and animators. They also sneak peek the latest from parks and studio, as well as offer exclusive items for sale that you can only get if attending the show. There's also a bunch of props and collectibles on display. My favorite being this Dharma Initiative van from Lost.

I was particularly excited for David Arquette's appearance. He's one of the voices on Disney Junior's cartoon series Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He looked really cute in person and I loved that he was sporting a Mickey tee under his blazer too. Unfortunately, no Courteney or Coco though.

I also got to see Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence during a Melissa & Joey meet and greet from ABC Family. I've been liking the show, even if it's a modern Who's the Boss and Joey still looks "Whoa!"

American Idol's Constantine Maroulis also performed with Mickey Mouse during the unveiling of Fisher Price's new toy Rock Star Mickey.

Now here is the part where I sound like a teeny bopper, but I was pretty psyched to see Disney Channel's Sterling Knight (17 Again, Sonny with a Chance, So Random) too. I know it's not appropriate, but I have a little crush, lol.

At one point I was backstage with Wilmer Valderrama (the voice of Handy Manny), but it was too awkward to snap a photo, lol. He looked good though all in black and in a tight t-shirt.

Oh and of course the people watching was amazing too. Some of the outfits were pretty intense especially those who stayed in character too.


  1. Very nice! Wilmer Valderrama just guest-starred on Royal Pains and I called him Handy Manny the entire time. Also, Jake and the Neverland Pirates is Laura's favorite tv show on Disney. Sounds great and I've been enjoying reading all the news from the expo online.

  2. I have to agree with the teeny bopper tendencies toward Sterling Knight. I'm sure you didn't squeal and hop up and down when you saw him, so you're fine! :o)