Six Taste Little Tokyo Food Tour

After enjoying Six Taste's food tour of restaurants and cafe's in Downtown Los Angeles (blog post), Raphael and I signed up for the Little Tokyo Food Tour too.

Although, we go to Japantown often for Ramen and Pinkberry, we still haven't tried many of the restaurants there, so it was great getting the chance to visit these eight different places during the tour. It was also interesting to learn a little more about the history of the area and the local customs. I was especially surprised to hear about how many of the generational business owners were also former detainees in the Japanese American internment camps.

Chado Tea Room (100 N Central Ave.)
This is the only location I had already been to before the tour, having visited for high tea, but this time they also provided some history on teas. I was also able to try varieties I wouldn't normally have ordered.

Wakasaya (350 E 1st St.)
Rice bowls and Udon (definitely going back!)

Spitz (371 E 2nd St)
Sangria and kebab wraps

Forgetsu Do (315 E. 1st St.)
Flavorful and filled mochi. We purchased some peanut butter filled ones to go.

Mitsuru Cafe (117 Japanese Village Plaza)
Red bean patries

Mikawaya Moshi (118 Japanese Village Plaza) Here we had ice cream filled mochi from the popular shop that also sells to Trader Joes.

Four Leaf (318 E. 2nd St.) Sweet and savory crepes

Tickets for this tour cost $55 per person (although I had purchased my tickets through Groupon for 50% off, thus it was like buy one get one free), which includes the food and drink sampled, a tour guide, plus a Six Taste tote bag.

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  1. I've done a Six Taste for Santa Monica and found it pretty fun and informative. Goldstar always seems to have deals too.

    Keep exploring Little Tokyo! There's a lot of interesting places to see.