Sitting Coutside for the LA Clippers

What do Jack Nicholson and I have in common? Probably not much, but I did get to pretend I rolled like him as I sat courtside for an NBA game last week. The $350.00 tickets to the L.A. Clippers game came courtesy of Barrie Lynn, The Cheese Impresario and her contact at the Staples Center, Glenn Griffith, Los Angeles Clippers Premium Seating Executive (Thanks!!)

In a city that's all purple and yellow, it's sometimes hard to remember that their is another team in town. The Clippers, however, have been making some noise this year with nine straight home game wins thanks to it's All-Star forward, 21-year-old Blake Griffin and his mad dunking skills. He's become the SportsCenter highlight. Also, impressive was Clippers veteran Baron Davis, who I met at the TRON Pop Up Shop back in November.

I was literally steps away from the action, sitting in Row A and looking across at the home bench. It was like the Clippers were playing a personal game for me. The best part is that you can see their facial expressions so clearly when they made or missed a shot, as well as their private jokes and swears among team members. It's something you just don't see up in the nosebleed seats. I also got to enter the Courtside Club and bar during halftime.

I had so much fun, I've already purchased Clippers tickets through GoldStar for March. Not courtside of course, but it's still exciting going to a live game no matter where you sit. Go Clippers!

Check out my view:


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