The Global Green Pre-Oscar Party

For the second year now, I attended Global Green USA’s 8th Annual Pre-Oscar Party at the Avalon Hollywood to help raise funds and awareness for Global Green’s national initiatives to fight climate change.

Even though his publicist was pulling him away, Dawson, I mean James Van Der Beek kindly made it a point to speak with me, which was super nice. The new dad was there with his wife and they were super lovey dovey, constantly holding on to each other and looking at each other. It was very sweet.

I also got to speak with Cerrano from Major League and the president on 24--Dennis Haysbert. He's also currently in the All State commercial's where he says, "That's Where All State Stands." Although I always thought he was saying "That's All State Stan" and I'd think, who is Stan? lol.

You can read more about my green carpet adventures in my full Huffington Post article.

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