Working out with Team Fonda on my Birthday!

On my birthday, I got to spend it with Jane Fonda. Seriously! She's launching a new set of Jane Fonda Workout DVDs for today's generation and I was able to attend the launch event and conduct the following video interview and story for The Huffington Post.

Being a child of the 80s, I remember jumping around in the background while my mother inserted her Jane Fonda's Workout tape into the VCR as the Academy Award winning actress provided calisthenic instructions. Jane Fonda is now 72 and that was nearly 30 years ago, but that isn't stopping her from being relevant to a new generation of exercisers (Full Story:

Oh, and I love that she's on Twitter @JaneFonda and was tweeting from the event. At one point when the girls were doing their demos she took out her iPhone and took pics for her own blog post.


  1. I love that she is still doin' her thang. I totally remember her workout tapes from 30 years ago, though I was 8. And now, I could seriously use some Jane Fonda in my life.

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  3. This is amazing. What an awesome birthday gift. I hope you also got some jewelry for your birthday.