Don't let the bedbugs bite!

I travel a lot for work and play, which means staying in a lot of hotels and in different cities including Manhattan, which has been the focal point in the news for having bed bug infestations. During the summer I even got a weird rash on my leg, that I couldn't pin point to anything in particular, which also got me freaked out.

The recent surge of bedbug reports has many travelers on edge too, but these creatures are not invisible and spokesperson Nicole Hockin, author of the Travel Smart Blog, has shared her tips for finding bedbugs, what to do if they are in your room, and how to make sure you don’t bring any home.

A few of Nicole’s tips include:

  • Place luggage on a desk or folding rack that is exposed to light. Bedbugs don’t like the light so they hide in dark areas.
  • Examine sheets and mattresses for blood spots, white eggs, and the bugs themselves.
  • Check hotels’ guest reviews, like the ones on, to see if recent visitors have had any problems.
  • Bedbugs die in extreme heat. Upon arriving home, head straight to your laundry room. Wash all your clothes in hot water and dry them on maximum heat to kill any unwanted hitchhikers.

For Nicole’s complete article, please click here.


  1. Ok, you made my skin feel all crawly!! Gross! But the tips are great anyway.

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